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Rahul & Monika from “Travelling Food” basically focus on the local level details of the place or food. Their aim is to familiarize people with those untouched places and local delicacies.
As both of them are avid travelers and food lovers, they tried to compile their memories at one place as well as tried to connect with other same passion holders across the world to explore their culture, food and tradition. Their major focus is to bust the myth of travelling being luxury.

Rahul is working in the IT industry in Mumbai and Monika is a transport planner from Delhi. They both love to travel and try to relish their taste buds of local speciality. They share their experience of the places visited and cuisine tried. Below are the answers they responded to Interview Times Questionnaire :-WhatsApp Image 2021-07-30 at 12.50.52 PMQ1- What motivated you both to start blogging?

Answer- Motivation behind starting this Instagram blogging is purely related to our passion and love for food and exploration of untouched places. One of the reason of behind our companionship is our love for travelling, we both love to travel and explore in our free times whether it is with family or friends, we decided to channelize our thrive into experience sharing platform where we can help and connect with fellow travel/ food bloggers. Also, we had lots n lots of pictures, memories and experience to share and one day we decided on this Instagram #_travellingfood page to pursue our dream.WhatsApp Image 2021-07-30 at 1.22.30 PMQ2- What is the Uniqueness in your content, would you both please like to share about this to our readers?

Answer- As you can see either the blogging is done solely on food or travel, but combination of both is rare or not on priority. We both love to relish our taste buds and explore the local cuisine and culture, along with exploration of places with the history associated with them. Our motive is to tell people about the importance of the place they are going to visit, as in this time of technology, everyone equipped with proficient cameras and equipment they only focus on to capture the moment, but along with that what’s the story behind is one other aspect to explore. We talk to locals and do some homework before and after visiting that place, it increases the level of interest as well as you feel connected with that place, when you are there physically.
We try to put relevant information related to the posts (food/ place/ hotel) so that people following or seeing our posts may have prior idea of that place, which is completely interest based.WhatsApp Image 2021-07-30 at 1.22.57 PMQ3- What are the initial challenges you both faced and how did you overcome them?

Answer- We started our page during pandemic when everyone was clueless what’s happening around us. During those we’ll say gloomy and dark days we tried to stay positive by starting this page (#_travellingfood), started collating our pictures and information related to them. The major challenge was to connect with the people of same interest, there are various ways online these days happening to gather the followers but we sticked to our plan, which is focusing on quality rather than quantity. Though our posts and content we tried to get in touch with other bloggers whose interest area is same, in that process we got connected to people around the globe and sharing our experiences was great.WhatsApp Image 2021-07-30 at 1.23.27 PMQ4- How did you both manage the time schedule as you both are in Job?

Answer- This was the real struggle when all of sudden work from home started, all of sudden our entire routine got disrupted, also we were craving to go outside but we channelized our energy on this page, what if we can’t go outside but we can cherish our memories. Sometimes it’s really difficult to engage with fellow bloggers on daily basis along with posting our own stuff with information and posting it on various platforms, but we are managing this as one of us do the posting thing and other do the engagements. Initially we did this for almost every day, but from past three months due to being severely affected by COVID-19, we are not able to do this on daily basis but we try to make sure to keep updated our followers on weekends.WhatsApp Image 2021-07-30 at 12.53.31 PMQ5- What message do you want to share with our readers who aspires to start blogging?

Answer- There are many ways to start a venture, one should be clear about the aim and motive behind their new venture. What we really feel one should focus on QUALITY rather than QUANTITY, because in this era of digitalization everyone needs information which is correct and at one place. Keen interest and passion is very much required to continue the zeal and enthusiasm. Considering blogging as a passion-based profession has vast scope these days, as well as getting the followers who are actually interested in your content is a bit of task, that one will face when they are actually into it, so getting through the trend and setting your own trend is something one needs to understand. Don’t get influenced by any person or their content, instead of that try to understand the mechanism behind their way of working, and at last but not least be aware of malicious and fraud techniques and accounts is another task for a blogger.WhatsApp Image 2021-07-30 at 1.23.53 PMQ6- What are your future plans regarding blogging?
Answer- Due to COVID-19 there are certain travel restrictions, by abiding those laws and regulations, we try to explore local and nearby areas or else we try to interact and share our home-cooked food experience and recipe with our fellow bloggers.
As if now, we are trying to focus on the places within our country as we are rich in heritage and culture and seriously in one’s lifetime is really impossible to visit and explore every place and whenever, situation will get normalize or when it will be safe, we’ll surely try to explore at international level. But our major goal is to explore and know India first and better.

Image Courtesy : Travelling Food


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