Tata Steel Foundation Installs 75 Solar Lights in Malda Panchayat

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

Tata Steel Foundation has taken the initiative to light the streets of villages in Malda Panchayat under the Koira block of Sundargarh district. As part of the initiative, 75 solar lights worth more than 20 lakhs will be installed in the region including Kalmang, Malda, Malda Basti, Sega Sahi, Deoghar, Kanhu Sahi, Giddei, Kenaveta, Kakarpani and Katesahi.

According to the reports, the initiative has started with the installation of 6 solar lights at Shankhapoda under Kalmang village and the installation of the remaining solar lights will be over by November 15, 2021. Villages used to remain in dark during the nights earlier causing difficulties for people, especially for children and senior citizens, in their day-to-day lives. With this initiative, the aim is to ensure that people have access to basic amenities in their areas.

The report further added there are multiple benefits of using solar street lighting fixtures, like conservation of energy, use of a conventional source of energy, and less dependence on the national grid. The key benefit is the environmentally friendly solution that solar lights offer. After installing solar street lights, people can rely on solar energy to ensure the proper use of resources.

Pic Courtesy – Google

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