Teaching in the DNA

Teaching in the DNA

By, Charan Singh

Dr. Bankim Mohanty(Founder), Ashtha School of Management 

Having embarked on a journey in the field of education, Dr. Bankim Mohanty(Teaching in the DNA) carved out a niche for himself and his institution Ashtha School of Management. Dr. Mohanty along with his colleagues founded Ashtha School of Management (ASM) in 2006 with the aim of imparting quality education.

Since then, ASM has come a long way in educating and empowering a number of students across Odisha. A meritorious student from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Balasore, he went on to do Engineering in mechanical branch.

His illustrious academic achievement was further augmented by a PhD degree in Education from the Balls Bridge University of Dominica.

Born to a family of teachers from Balasore as both his father and grandfather being teachers, Dr. Mohanty(Teaching in the DNA) strongly believes that it was the calling of his gene that nudged him to be a teacher.

After receiving a postcard letter from his father, he was highly motivated and emotional; that indeed prodded him to join CV Raman College of Engineering as a visiting faculty.

After a brief stint in running a coaching institution, he was disillusioned about his career.

The watershed moment came when he met a gentleman who motivated him to think big instead of putting up a poster of his coaching institution in 2000. It was indeed a rollercoaster ride since then. 

In his inimitable sense of humor, Dr. Mohanty(Teaching in the DNA) acknowledged the role of BB after marriage. In fact, BB stands for Banking and Backing which he lacked then. He didn’t let his hardship come in the way of his leadership.

Triggered by his amazing intuition that there would be a saturation phase in engineering education, Dr.Mohanty(Teaching in the DNA) despite being an engineering graduate, founded Ashtha School of Management.

Cohesive team, clarity of vision and passion to make a difference are the important attributes that set ASM apart. 

To stand out as a premier institution in the state, the management conducts some interesting life skills activities as an integral part of pedagogy in addition to the existing curriculum recommended by the University.

Being the secretary, Dr. Mohanty(Teaching in the DNA) is the channel of conduit between administration and academics. 

Dr. Mohanty, an ardent follower of Shri Aurobindo and the divine mother believes that there is a strong intersection between spirituality and education.

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