Team India fans have demanded to shift the upcoming Asia Cup to a neutral venue

Post attack of Ex- Pakistan PM Imran Khan fans demanded that the Asia Cup 2023 be held at a neutral location

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Imran Khan’s criticism has sparked fierce conflict, with Team India supporters demanding that the forthcoming Asia Cup, which is set to take place in Pakistan next year, be moved to a neutral location.

“Sorry, after event of #ImranKhan In my opinion Indian cricket team should not to trip Pakistan for #AsiaCup2023,” a fan wrote in response to the circumstance.Another supporter wrote, “A country where Ex-PM is not safe, expects India to send its Cricket team #AsiaCup2023.”

Another cricket enthusiast cited the need for a neutral location, saying, “That’s why the Indian cricket team avoided going to Pakistan for the Asia Cup. as they are unable to provide security for the former PM.

Notably, Imran was wounded in both legs on Thursday when a shooter opened fire on a campaign truck transporting Khan during a protest convoy. The shooter was detained on the spot, and no one or organisation has taken credit for the attack.Imran, who in 1992 guided the Men in Green to their maiden World Cup victory, was leading a protest convoy of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporters from Wazirabad to the capital, Islamabad, when the incident took place.

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