The author who brings a smile on everyone’s faces

An interview with Eminent Author of "Of Cupcakes and Mud Pies" Aanzoomaan Khaleque

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Q1) Since when did you start writing? How did it come up to your mind that you can become an author?

A: Actually, I have been a reader all my life.  And writing didn’t happen much until my college days. It began as a hobby where during free time I started to jot down a few random short stories. Getting published was never the idea but the joy of creating the plot and the characters provided a break from the monotony of day to day life. The first readers were of course my friends who have been really sweet and supportive all the while, encouraging me to continue writing and believing in my ability to write.Writing was a hobby but becoming an author never really crossed my mind until the pandemic happened and things around started to change drastically and brought in new realities. With a shift in priorities and the kid at home needing care and attention, I decided to take a break from routine work and try a serious hand at writing. In fact, this happens to be the first time that I have penned down something more than just a couple of pages. For my debut novel, I chose my favourite genre which happens to be the ‘romance genre’.


Q2) Give a brief to the authors about the book “Of Cupcakes and Mud Pies”.

A: “Of Cupcakes and Mud Pies” talks about romance and the sparks of attraction between two individuals belonging to completely different backgrounds. But when Cupid strikes and their paths intertwine, what follows is a clash of mind and heart.Though as a genre it isn’t new but the romantic liaison between a Bollywood superstar and a gourmet baker makes for an interesting read and is sure to leave a smile on the reader’s face. The coming together of two different Worlds, the glam, glitz and emotional pangs associated with the life of a superstar along with the desi mom flavor and friendship makes for a fun filled and joyous read.  Won’t reveal much but I am pretty sure that the storyline and plot is mesmerizing and it would definitely keep one hooked till the end.Well, too many revelations might just spoil the fun. So, do go ahead, grab a copy and read it now.

Q3).Nowadays there is an ongoing trend of audio books. Do you like audio books, what are your thoughts on this topic?


A: According to me, listening to an audio book and actually reading a book  are like taking two different routes leading to the same destination, the journey might be different but the result  expected is the same. However, I personally prefer a hard copy since I have always enjoyed reading and that kind of gives a free reign to my imagination but in the case of audio books, a lot depends on the voice over artist and his or her ability to kindle our imagination.

All said and done, at the end of the day everything depends on the real motive behind picking up a book, either to read or to listen and that again happens to be a personal choice. But audio books definitely have a way to go, and with the changing times, they are sure to get more acceptance and garner a loyal listener base.


Q4) Nowadays youth is also attracted towards, social media sites which have impacted their daily schedule. Do tell them why writing is a good hobby and everyone should take up writing.

A: Well, this is one important topic and considering the current scenario, it’s quite a tricky one too. Social media has indeed become a necessary evil, you can’t do away with it and though maintaining a healthy balance is the go mantra but that again doesn’t have a well defined demarcation as to how much or what amount of time that we spend on our social handles could be deemed as useful and not harmful in any manner. I think it’s ok to be active on social media unless and until it doesn’t hamper our regular work and becomes an addiction of sorts. The youth of today need to be smart enough to set their priorities right.

Posting content on social media also requires writing skills. So, to get started, one can take up writing as a hobby. Initially choosing one’s favourite genre, the pace and style of writing would help. Next, one needs to religiously take some time out from their daily schedule to dedicate towards writing. Writing can be a great stress buster and a mental exercise too. With utmost dedication and sincerity, once you hone your skills, writing can turn into one’s career option as well and nothing can beat the fun of turning one’s passion into profession.


Q5) Launching of a solo book, is a very tedious process .Starting from making the idea to the manuscript, it takes a lot of time .Tell us about your entire book writing journey.

A: Yeah, I would definitely agree with this. Book writing can truly be a tedious process, especially when you are not too sure whether whatever you have written can be considered as being worthy of being published or not. But again, that exactly happens to be the challenge and beauty of it. Nothing can equate the joy of seeing one’s story being published and the thrill of holding a copy of your own book in your hand is priceless.

My book writing journey was not explicitly planned, but what started off with a simple idea initially to pen down a short story turned into a complete novel, luckily enough for me things fell in place and the plot and the characters did have ample scope for expansion. I, of course, chose a genre which is close to my heart and so for me, every moment of my writing journey has been thoroughly enjoyable. I also firmly believe that, if as an author I am happy about my creation, the same emotion gets transmitted to the readers too.

But then writing is one aspect and getting published is another. After completion of the manuscript starts the actual process of sending the script to various publication houses and then waiting for their response. Their approval for the same can really be tiresome and time consuming. But once you find a good match and the contract is signed, another round of proofreading, revisions, grammatical checks happen and this might take some time, starting from a few days to even months. All the while, an author needs to maintain a great deal of patience.  My big break came from Kiwi Books India (Frateclat Private Limited) who chose to publish my debut novel and I am really thankful to them.

My advice to aspiring authors would be to continue writing and have a strong belief in themselves and their story telling abilities. It is important to be dedicated and inculcate a sense of seriousness and sincerity to the entire writing business, only then can one expect success and once it comes, it is there to stay for long.

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