THE BRAWLER OF BRANDING- Mr. Asheesh Kumar Sabat- S Brand Elements

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Asheesh Kumar Sabat, Founder of Scionesta Brand Elements comes from a conventional family. He completed his higher secondary education in Berhampur before moving on to Bangalore to continue his studies. He has a degree in hospitality and tourism management and a postgraduate degree in marketing management. Later, he began working for a hospitality business that was associated with a country club. He so became a sales executive for them. After a few years, he transitioned into legitimate sales. After a while, he went on a break and entered the media. He was employed by Karnataka’s Uday Tv.

After an accident in 2006, he was forced to choose a desk job. In 2006, he started working for a technology business as a subject matter expert for the hospitality sector. He depicted Scionesta Brand Elements, a new company, as a start-up in 2018. Before starting this, he had a very clear plan of action in place and was conscious that they needed to enter the market rapidly. They initially considered building a corporate gift market like Amazon or Flipkart. Mr. Sabat preferred to concentrate on the brand’s supporting roles, such as the provision of corporate gifts and marketing materials, because he believes that everything happens for a purpose. After that, they had their own creative team, which was followed by teams for generating the content, coming up with concepts for branding, designing, and so on. From there, the branding journey starts. They then realized that one of the fastest-moving products for a branding company is a T-shirt for any corporation. When you visit them, they want you to wear a T-shirt and a shirt with their emblem so they can promote their brand.

About the brand

An innovative branding and corporate gifting business with headquarters in Bangalore are Scionesta Brand Elements. In 2018, Scionesta was founded with the goal of rewriting the history of the corporate gifting and branding industry in India. To create relevant content and engage audiences with brand experiences that inspire human connection, we make use of brand intelligence. We have experience developing creative concepts, developing new promotional things, developing custom products, sourcing clothing, and producing them. We are a one-stop shop that satisfies all of our customer’s branding & promotional requirements, as suggested by our tagline, “Branding n beyond.”

They entered the apparel manufacturing industry in this way. Additionally, they began producing for our business, and from there they believed they could acquire some factories. At the moment, they employ 236 people across two plants in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. They have two factories, one of which they rent and the other of which they own. They additionally have a functioning office in Bangalore. And now they are moving to Bhubaneswar, where they are discovering a wealth of possibilities. There aren’t any specific businesses or professional companies in Bhubaneswar. You can locate folks who do flex printing, according to Mr. Sabat. Alternatively, you can locate individuals who print your market in local markets. However, they are unable to predict how your brand will appear. You cannot learn how the brand will speak from them. You may learn more about how we make your brand speak by visiting our website. So that’s how the distinction between ours and others is made. Every brand receives a customized touch from us. Therefore, we refer to ourselves as business enablers rather than as a branding or marketing firm. You have a requirement, and we can tell you what it is. Although we don’t host events, we can participate as a partner. We can provide you with stuff and instruct you on how to use them. If you want us to create a design for you, we can either show you what it should look like or work with what you already have. So, we must move forward with everything.

The world is characterized by ups and downs, and growth helps to stabilize things. They have overcome challenges and are preparing to provide significant breaks in the towns. One of the current significant trends is branding. They adhere to the motto “the best they can serve.” They have an amazing idea for the future city of Bhubaneswar, where they can build a structure for the SCIONESTA.

Lastly, Scionesta Brand Elements wants to generate massive revenue by the conclusion of the fiscal year 2022–2023. The business is developing a proprietary technology platform for the corporate market that will be a one-stop shop for branding and marketing services and products. With two production facilities in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, Scionesta Brand Elements has recently expanded into the production of ready-to-wear apparel. The company manufactures and distributes 75000 units of ready-made clothing to various customers. The capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar, will soon house a top-notch garment manufacturing plant built by Scionesta. Additionally, the corporation intends to use its products and services to enter type B and C cities.


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