The game of stealing has now reached a new level

From stealing engines , to stealing roads , nothing seems impossible now


You may have heard of people stealing plants or lightbulbs from the side of the road, but you may not have heard of anyone stealing the entire road. The issue concerns the village of Kharouni in the Banka district of Bihar’s Rajoun block. The single road that led from the village to the outside world had vanished, which was discovered by morning after the villagers and neighbours had gone to bed. They were utterly shocked to discover that the 2-kilometer length consisted only of fields with produce planted in them.

At first, everyone believed they had made a mistake and ended themselves in the incorrect location. Apparently, the goons of the village of Khairani employed a tractor to plough the road and plant wheat fields in its stead, according to media sources. Khadampur village residents objected, so the troublemakers retaliated by attacking them and threatening them with sticks and rods.

The occurrence caused a commotion among the community. As people continued to travel along this road for years, they began to experience significant inconveniences. The residents of Khadampur village have been compelled to use a footpath for transportation over the past few days. On Wednesday, about 35 residents of the village of Khadampur submitted an application to Circle Officer Mohammad Moinuddin regarding this issue.

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