The miraculous Bageshwar Dham

by Subhechcha Ganguly

The idea of spirituality in increasing amongst the youth. The spiritual leaders and the Gurus play a major role in upholding the Sanatan Dharma. In the Sunday Exclusive Feature let us know more about “Bageshwar Dham” a miraculous place where lakhs of devotees bow down their down in the feets of Balaji .

About Bageshwar Dham

Bageshwar Dham Bhoot Bhawan is situated in Mahadev Gada. This religious place is said to be in  Chandel Carpet Sidhpith.  During 1986, the temple was built by the villagers. Even during that time devotees mainly from the village came with their faith to worship in this place.  Later on, Baba Pandit of village between 1987 Setulal Garg arrived Bageshwar Dham after obtaining initiation from Chitrakoot.  During1989 a big yajna was associated. After the Yagna Bageshwar Dham started reaching more people.

Since the tender age of nine years Pandit Dheerendra Krishna Shastri was involved in the worship of Hanuman Ji.He considers his Grand Father as his Guru who taught him  to study Bhagwat Geeta and  Ramayan. Lakhs of people visit this place regularly with an idea of fulfilling their dreams.

The Bageshwar Dham is also famous for its social services including “Annapurna Rasoi”, “Gau Rakhsha” and also helping in the marriage of the underpriviledged. The place has gathered immemse faith of devotees and continue to be a sacred place for worship.

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