Threads To Ship Improvements This Week: Instagram Head


Instagram head Adam Mosseri has said that the company is “pumped” to start shipping improvements on Threads this week.

In a post on Tuesday, Mosseri said: “With so many people joining @threads so fast these last six days (six days!) the team has been entirely focused on keeping the lights on and fixing bugs, but we’re starting to priorite the obvious missing features, like a following feed, the edit button, and post search.

“We’re clearly way out over our skis on this, but the team is pumped to start shipping improvements this week.”

In a separate post, he added: “Making a hidden gems video for Threads this week.”

Meta launched Threads on July 5 for iOS and Android users in 100 countries, and it is currently the top free app on the App Store.

The application crossed 100 million user sign-ups within a week of its launch.

On the other hand, Twitter-owner Elon Musk said in a tweet on Wednesday: “Worth mentioning that you can now watch videos at up to 2X speed and view as pic in pic while still scrolling. You are free to be your true self here.”

In response to a tweet, Musk said: “Coming soon, your week’s bookmarks will be emailed to you per a user’s suggestion.”

Meanwhile, users of Threads recently discovered that Musk has begun limiting search results when they try to find links to the app on the microblogging platform.

The issue was discovered while searching for links to a specific URL with the “url:” search operator.

Searching “” on Twitter returns zero results, despite there being a lot of tweets linking to the domain.

Similarly, searching for ”” without the “url:” operator returns dozens of irrelevant results from users with their Threads account in their display name, or who discuss Threads without linking to it.


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