Twitter Suffers Outage As Users Get Error Messages Across Web, App

by Priya Bharti

Micro-blogging platform Twitter suffered a mega outage on Thursday evening as several users across the world had error messages like “this page is down”.

While 65 per cent were unable to log in to Twitter website, 34 per cent had issues with the app, according to outage monitoring website Downdetector.

Several users also faced “over capacity” error messages across Twitter web, mobile and the TweetDeck app.

“Twitter went down for a few minutes and you almost has a heart attack cos not matter you try to deny it, you really love this app,” posted on affected user.

“When Twitter is down, where do you even complain about it being down,” posted another.

According to some users, the service was resuming back to normal.

In March, Twitter users in India experienced difficulties accessing the platform on desktops as an outage was reported in Japan, India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Most users reported they were not been able to access Twitter on desktops (85 per cent) and 8 per cent on Android devices, according to Down detector.

Twitter faced two mega outages in February as users were not able to post tweets for several minutes.


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