Toll-Free Numbers To Solve Drinking Water Problems In Odisha


A toll-free telephone number has been launched by the Odisha Government for lodging complaints about potable water supply problems for both rural and urban areas during the summer season.

According to the report, Panchayati Raj and Drinking Water Minister Pratap Jena gave detailed information regarding the toll-free number. After the review of the situation in areas that are facing drinking problems in Odisha due to the summer season, a toll-free number 1916 has been launched.

The toll-free number 1916 will help in lodging complaints about drinking water supply in rural areas and for urban areas who want to file complaints regarding the drinking water issue, the toll-free numbers are 155359 and 180034567843. In rural areas where the tube wells have become defunct and are beyond repair, new tube wells will be sunk.

While talking about the drinking water crises during the summer season Pratap Jena stated that even in hamlets where the population is more than 70 persons and there is no tube well, and the authority will sink new tube wells so that people do not face drinking water problem.

He further said that the government is taking steps to ensure the availability of drinking water in all households in rural areas across the State through mega and single drinking water projects.

Along with the toll-free number, teams have been formed at block level with mobile vans to attend to complaints immediately and will repair and restore the drinking water supply. In big blocks, two such teams have been formed for the repair and restoration of the drinking water supply.

Pratap Jena further stated that they have directed OREDA to repair those pumps within 15 days and the officials in charge of the drinking water supply have been directed not to leave their headquarters without permission.

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