Truck accident in Cuttack results in one fatality and six injuries


A speeding truck that hit two cars and five bikes near the Khaira bridge in Jagatpur, Cuttack, on Saturday evening resulted in at least one fatality and six injuries.Fruit vendor Subash Sahoo has been recognised as the deceased.
The injured were transported to SCB Medical College and Hospital where they are currently in severe condition.

According to reports, the driver lost control of the vehicle and it hopped to the wrong side of the road, smashing into a fruit stand. The truck caused extensive damage to at least two cars and five bikes.I was riding my motorbike from Bhubaneswar to Kendrapara. I paused in the middle to purchase some fruits from a vendor. An eyewitness added, “I was asking the vendor about the cost of various fruits when I witnessed the fast vehicle lose its balance and slam into a fruit stand.

The motorbike I had parked close to the stall is entirely destroyed. I was standing close to the stall when a big, fast car drove into it. Thankfully, my life has been saved. I’ve got a little injury,” he continued.

Locals attributed the unfortunate accident to poor traffic management.

Fruit stands have encroached on both sides of the road. With effective traffic management, accidents of this nature may have been prevented. The truck was approaching at a speed that was beyond the permitted limit. Another witness stated that a thorough investigation should be carried out to determine the precise cause of the collision and whether the driver was intoxicated or not.

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