Unlocking Fitness

Unlocking Fitness

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By, Sayak Karmakar

A good life(Unlocking Fitness) in the present generation depends on two fundamental factorsmental peace and physical fitness. Interestingly, both the elements are interlinked as well.

You cannot find mental peace(Unlocking Fitness) if you are suffering from physical health issues. Similarly, a good physique has no meaning if you are mentally disturbed. Gym and yoga centres all around the globe help to keep these two essential determinants alive in every human being

Interview Times had the privilege to talk to Mr Santosh Kumar Mohanty– a bodybuilder, Gym trainer and owner of Rangamatia village gym centre Bhubaneswar about the importance of fitness(Unlocking Fitness) in today’s scenario, the effect of lockdown in the fitness industry and how Gyms are preparing themselves to reopen amidst the pandemic situation

Here’s how the interview unfolds- 

How has the lockdown affected the fitness industry?

Like any other industry, the fitness industry has also taken an enormous hit due to the lockdown imposed for preventing the spread of COVID 19 Virus(Unlocking Fitness).

However, we – the Gym trainers, Gym owners and team which looks after the gym are not the only sufferers.

Yes, we have had a significant loss financially, but our customers who come here for weight loss, weight gain or bodybuilding has also got a tremendous negative impact on their mental and physical health.

We are unlocking the economy. Yet, gyms are not allowed to open. What is your opinion on it?

I was shocked to hear when the government announced that Gyms would not open in the first phase of the Unlocking period.

Like it’s strange- the government allowed the opening of alcohol shops which might turn lethal to human beings but are sceptical about opening Gyms(Unlocking Fitness) which makes people fit.

I find no logical explanation behind this. With the proper social distancing norms, the gyms should have been open in the first phase of the unlocking period.

Once the Gym opens, what are all the restrictions that the authorities will follow to focus on the safety and security of everyone?

A lot of procedures will be followed to maintain the safety of customers, trainers and other people involved in the gym(Unlocking Fitness). One Gym session will consist of only 40- 45 minutes. There will hardly be 8 to 10 gym-goers in one session accompanied by a maximum of 2 trainers.

The gym goes, the trainers as well the equipment will be sanitized after every set of work-out. The trainers have to wear mask compulsorily, and the whole gym will be disinfected twice a day.

Any fitness advice for people who are not able to join the gym?

See, many people who have health issues cannot go out of their home. It is simply not in their hands, and they need to abide by the rules for their safety. However, my advice for people like them is not to stop working out. With limited or no assets, people should at least work out for one hour a day. 

How necessary is fitness for good mental health and inner peace?

Fitness in Gyms and yoga inculcate mental peace. We live in a world which is full of pollution.

We live in a world which has cut-throat competition, and you always need to be the best in your personal and professional life to be recognized by society.

In this constant competition, the mind weakens. Yoga and Gym session boosts the brain again to fight the world and be the best.

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