Online slant taking individuals to an obese world


Left are the days behind when people were more engaged in physical activities like going for a walk right after meals, morning walk, evening walk, walking with the pets, taking out water from well and hand pumps, gardening, etc. These things have completely shifted in today’s modern world. There was a time when people of all age groups did any type of physical works i.e., kids used to play outdoor games, women’s engaged in households, men’s in outside or sometimes homely things, and that was the reason behind their fitness.

But, nowadays things have completely changed. Obesity among people has become the major problem which is causing serious diseases among all the age groups. The trend of everything being online has changed people’s life. If you look around then you’ll see everything has turned digital even the school and classes. Today you can easily find the reasons behind this, today kids barely go outside to take part in outdoor games. They are always stuck into their cell phones or video games, even parents like earlier do not force them to do any type of physical activity.

Not only the kids, the youngsters and the adults too, some or busy in their offices or some in their hectic work from home schedule and their lives are revolving around these only. Technology is also a factor here, now things are completely transformed if you want food you order it instead of going to market, purchasing raw materials, and then going to kitchen and cooking. These all steps are covered in just an application in your phone.

To lose weight people generally opt for a healthy diet but the food ordered from restaurants and hotels is actually rich in calories, and they generally order tasty, oily, and spicy food from outside. They rarely order anything healthy like fruits, veggies, salads or juices. And after eating, one is unable to go out for a walk, and by eating and sitting for long, our body keeps on storing fat.

Gyms and Yoga classes are being held online these days, but that’s not an issue it’s a benefit instead. Even after a busy schedule, a number of people are health conscious and somehow manage to pay attention to their health.

According to a survey, our reporter found a surprising fact that people between the age groups 25-65 are comparatively more fitness conscious than that of the 25 below age groups. Yes, below 25 age groups people also go to gyms and attend yoga and fitness classes but their ratio is comparatively lesser than that of 25 plus age groups.

It is always said that ‘Health is Wealth’ and it’s true. If you have good health then you have everything and you can enjoy your life as per your wish.

Stay fit! Stay healthy!

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