Unlocking Love for Stray Animals in Lockdown

Unlocking Love for Stray Animals in Lockdown

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By, Sayak Karmakar

Sangeeta Mohanty, MD of APCL

Earth rests on the balance of ecological diversity(Unlocking Love for Stray Animals in Lockdown). The human kingdom could well have been the saviour of this sweet balance because of the most ingenious brain, but humanity chooses to comfort itself by destroying Mother Nature. The result is what we are currently witnessing. Covid-19 pandemic has the potential to eliminate humanity.

It may be helpful for Mother Nature(Unlocking Love for Stray Animals in Lockdown) and her loyal creatures to prosper in divinity, but we as humans cannot let ourselves to disappear all of a sudden.

The result is a lockdown which has forced every one of us to stay at home. But what about the stray animals? They cannot buy their food

Well, thanks to Samaritans like Miss Sangeeta Mohanty, MD of APCL– (Unlocking Love for Stray Animals in Lockdown)who take the responsibility of protecting other animals during the most trying times.

In an exclusive interview with Interview Times, she talks about her love for animals, the situation of her district in Lockdown, and the best thing for humans to do in this period.

What is the current situation of Balasore amidst the Covid Lockdown?

The current scenario of Balasore is way better than it was a few weeks back. People(Unlocking Love for Stray Animals in Lockdown) have finally realized the fact that survival depends upon loving the four walls of their respective houses. A few weeks back, the conditions were appalling.

People were roaming with a fake medical prescription for witnessing the lanes of the road(Unlocking Love for Stray Animals in Lockdown). There was a selfie craze among the youths. In fact, the police officials caught hold of many students from SM colleges who were coming out to take a blissful selfie of the traumatic situation.

People were unaware of the use of the correct mask. I saw some people wearing winter mask and coming out of their houses. However, the situation is very much under control now, thanks to the collector and police officials.

The new Jyoti Hospital is fully functional as an exclusive Covid Hospital now. The NOCCI has shared 1000 beds to the hospital. Moreover, I and some other executives of the NOCCI are in constant touch with the officials with regard to the supply of face mask and other essential commodities to the masses.

Do you support the Government of India’s decision to extend Lockdown throughout the country?

Absolutely, Yes. I thoroughly believe in the current ideology of our Prime Minister- “Jaan Hain- Toh Jahan Hain.” I hope that the Lockdown does not get extended more than the stipulated time of May 3. However, I do believe that it won’t get extended.

The way the Government of India, along with the individual state governments are collaboratively working 24×7, I do feel we can control the Corona poison quickly. Yes, irrespective of any religion, caste, class, gender, people need to be co-operative

“People should understand, now it is not the time to be religiously united. It is time to be united to save humanity in general.”

Is there any specific reason for feeding stray dogs apart from your love towards these innocent creatures?

No, there isn’t any specific reason. Not only animals or dogs, but I am also passionate and determined to make the earth extensive of a healthy environment, kind humanity with prospering animal and plant kingdom. 

I started the activity of feeding stray dogs when I realized that no other people or NGOs were coming forward to help these innocent creatures during these stressful times.

There is only one NGO for animals in Balasore, and sadly, they confine themselves to feed cows and bulls. The dogs may be sitting beside the cows, but they ignore them as a non-living thing.

However, I was always obliged to Mr Sudarshan Chakravarty, the collector of our district. I do not know him by face. But when I texted him about my urge to feed the stray dogs, the reply from his side was just a couple of seconds later. He said to carry on, and all the co-operation will be provided from his side. Such a gentleman he is. 

“I feel that my life is complete when I see these tiny loyal creatures come running towards me.”

Many videos have gone viral where individuals/NGOs are not allowed to feed stray dogs as it may spread the deadly virus. How can this be controlled?

I really do not know the answer to this question. Yes, to the illiterate, education may be the answer. However, when the educated class of society does these incidents, there is simply no answer to how to control them.

You see the laws for roadside animals have been pathetic since time immemorial. While killing a person lands up to jail for 14 years, one can kill five stray dogs with a fine up to Rs 1000. There are a lot of amendments, but where is the execution??

I think the best way to protect animals is by teaching children to take care of animals. The Moral Science classes in school should take these courses as mandatory.

Any advice to the people in this lockdown period…

My advice will be the same as most people say- Stay Home, Stay Safe. Indulge in some household activities; spend some quality time with your family. You may never find this much time in your life to be with your loved ones.