Wild Fires can occur in Odisha during summers


The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF), Debidutta Biswal, cautioned on Monday that there may be more forest fire events in Odisha this year. Given the meteorological circumstances, he felt that similar wildfires like those observed in recent years could not be ruled out.”In actuality, reports of flames date back to the final week of January. Additionally not helpful is the dry weather. We cannot count out additional wildfires this year if it doesn’t rain early, according to Biswal.

“Although it is too soon to estimate the size of the fires, as of right now, we have received reports of wildfires from 100 to 200 locations across the State. However, if we experience a longer dry spell, it may increase to over a thousand by April, he warned. However, we are prepared with a plan that includes firefighters and their tools. We use an integrated planning process at the district level, involving the local government and the fire department. If necessary, we will take the necessary action to put out the forest fires, claimed Biswal.

Every year, flames wreak havoc on our jungles, but this is nothing new. A large fire apparently started at the Balukhand-Konark wildlife reserve in Puri in June of last year.For a number of years, wildfires have been a problem near the renowned Similipal habitat. In 2022, six fire points in the Talabandha range and one in the Chahala range were reported out of the seven fire points reported at the Similipal Biosphere Reserve.

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