Writing – just a hobby or has multiple benefits.

In conversation with Youth writer Dr.Skandashree

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Q1) Since when have you set your first foot in the field of writing?

I have been fond of writing since a young age and have began writing poetry and articles since my teens.I wrote my first poem,when i was thirteen.Over a period of time,due to pressures of focusing on career,I lost in touch .But ,however I renewed my flair for writing and began again with the zeal to write on public platforms in the year 2018.I have written several quotes and articles on digital platforms.

Q2) You have contributed your writing in several books .Do you think writing also helps positively in balancing stress .

Yes I strongly and truly believe that writing is a vent,a sort of catharasis of your soul.It is the most fulfilling or gratifying way to channel your innerworld.Writing is liberation personified and lets you express uninhibitedly. Writing is a soulmate for life,anchoring you to inner visions,strenght and infinite creativity.

Q3) Nowadays the youth has started spending more time on social media. What harm do you think it has inflicted on the youth ?

Over times technology only advances.We are in the age of progressive leap in the sphere of social media.Social media is a double edged weapon,it has to be used in moderation and supervision.On one hand although the generation does get hooked on to the entertainment aspect,on the other hand it has its own benefit of passing on knowledge, encouraging e commerce,raising awareness on critical issues,popularizing fundraising activities etc…We need to educate the masses to use it wisely and under discretion rather than using it only as a source of recreation.

Q4) What is your favourite genre when it comes to writing? How do you manage time for writing in your hectic schedule ?

My favorite genre is psychology spirituality,human emotions and about mental wellbeing in general. I also love to write on travel expeditions. I enjoy writing on the mundane observations on life in general, philosophizing my interpretations ,reminds us of all to live in the moment .I like spirituality and mystery too,as there is always more to what meets the eye.

Q5) You have been selected at top 100 finalists in a National Writing competition. It is indeed a great endeavour .Tell us something about your experience.
I had submitted my poem ,”Reflections in the dusk” as an entry to a national level competition hashtagkalakar. I was pleasantly surprised to be selected as the top 100 entries among 12k writers.It was a heartfelt expression of my interpretation of life in general, especially that whole feeling during the time of dusk.I am.grateful to the universe for having chosen me to express and it truly has gratified my heart is what I can sum up.

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