Dominican high court rejects Mehul Choksi’s bail plea, deems fugitive flight risk


The  Dominican High Court has refused to grant bail to Mehul Choksi due to air travel hazards. During a hearing on Mehul Choksi’s bail application in the Dominican High Court, his lawyer said that Mehul Choksi should be granted bail as a caricature citizen.

“Mehul Choksi is in poor health, so it would be dangerous to travel by plane,” he said. Mehul Choksi should be released on bail in view of his health.

Meanwhile, public prosecutor Lennox Lawrence has opposed the bail. Lenox Lawrence said Mehul Choksi was in danger of boarding the plane and he was issued a notice from Interpol. Mehul Choksi cannot be granted bail in such cases. The public prosecutor told the High Court that Mehul Choksi had not yet lodged a health complaint. So there is no problem with health or hospitalization. Choksi is being provided with all kinds of medical facilities. After hearing arguments from both sides, the court refused to grant bail to Mehul Choksi.

It is learned that Mehul Choksi, who illegally entered Dominica, has been charged. Mehul Choksi went to the High Court after the Rojo magistrate rejected his bail application. The same case was heard in the High Court, but Mehul Choksi could not be released on bail. Notably, on May 23, Mehul Choksi went missing in Antigua.

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