A New York-based female charges hefty fee to choose the ideal baby name

by Subhechcha Ganguly

The arrival of a child brings joy, love, and excitement to the family. While many parents name their child after one of them and the other out of pure affection, some parents choose to name their children after well-known people. While some choose their names based on numerology, astrology, or other traditional rituals, including those of their ancestors.

People in India and other Asian countries often look for names from a variety of sources, with an emphasis on astrology and numerology. But do you really think a girl can make lakhs of dollars by naming a child?

It’s true, despite being difficult to believe. A girl from New York charges an outrageous cost of more than Rs 7 lakh to choose the ideal name for newborn kids.Meet Taylor A. Humphrey, a 33-year-old professional baby namer who receives $1,500 (about Rs. 1.14 lakh) from pregnant parents. Some wealthy parents don’t think twice to spend a startling $10,000 (Rs 7.6 lakh) on choosing the ideal name for their child.According to Taylor, “If you look at the most popular baby names, it’s such a telling sign of our cultural ideals and our aspirations,” as reported in The New Yorker.


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