” Achchhe Din ” arrived in Odisha


At the 75th anniversary of the regional Odia newspaper Prajatantra on Monday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah declared that “Ache din’ (happy days) is here as Odisha continues on the path of progress.””Whenever I enter the country of Utkal, my heart fills with devotion,” Shah stated as he opened his address with the hymn “Jay Jagannath.” I initially do homage to Lord Jagannath when I arrive in Odisha. I want to congratulate every single Odia. The President of India is Draupadi Murmu, a descendant of this nation. For indigenous and underprivileged people, it is a source of pride.”Acche din has arrived,” Shah continued. Many Odias have had the opportunity to lead significant positions in the Indian government. Many Odias have prominent positions in various ministries and agencies.Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, who was present for Prajatantra’s 75th anniversary celebration, stated, “Media has played a crucial role in modern society. The media should carry out its responsibility without bias or fear. Not just that. The media need to be reliable. Actual concerns should be highlighted in the media rather than politics.
As both Naveen and Shah attended the 75th anniversary celebration of the Odia newspaper Prajatantra, they were seated together on the dais.

By Subhechcha Ganguly

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