Are Indian Origin Candidates having a disadvantage in Countries Abroad ?

by Subhechcha Ganguly

When Jill Prejean, a former vice president (VP) of talent acquisition in the US division of the Indian IT company Infosys, said that she had been instructed not to hire persons of Indian heritage, women with young children at home, or those over 50, she made a stunning disclosure. Prejean’s lawsuit against former senior VP and head of consultancy Mark Livingston, as well as former business partners Dan Albright and Jerry Kurtz, brought the problem to light. When Jill refused to comply with the unethical expectations made by the company partners during the hiring process, they became antagonistic against her and she filed a lawsuit in court for wrongful termination.

According to a declaration in her case, the partner level executives had a pervasive culture of illegal discrimination against those who were carers and older people. It further stated that Kurtz and Albright attempted to undermine Prejean’s authority in order to avoid following the law when she attempted to change this culture. Because the complainant had not provided the particular comments as proof, Infosys and the officials engaged in the matter filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. The court, however, dismissed the company’s argument and ordered the defendants to respond within 21 days, beginning on September 30.

The company, which has its headquarters in Bengaluru, has faced claims of prejudice in the employment process before. Four female employees complained to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission back in 2021, stating that the business preferred hiring male staff.

By Bidisha Mohanty

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