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Barbarous Act From Lifesavers, A Gruesome Tale Of Tamil Nadu Father and Son Death Case

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By Sayak Karmakar 

We live in a society where there is unrest and protest all over, to rise in the power hierarchy or to get financial peace. Many-a-times, these unrests turns violent, and the affection towards money and power give rise to lethal crimes which may ruin the lives of millions of people. So who guarantees peace and justice amidst all the chaos of hooliganism.

Yes, it is the Police Force and the Indian Military force which allows the 135 Crore Indian population to have a peaceful goodnight sleep. They protect us from the villains of society and maintains harmony for the betterment of livelihood.

However, when the lifesavers turn barbaric, who will the citizens of the country look up to their safety. When the spirit of hooliganism enters the soul of our protectors, they turn into demons and ruin humanity.

The exact unfortunate and the shameful scenario occurred on June 19, 2020, in the busy streets of Tamil Nadu at the early closing time of the markets in general, as a precautionary step for COVID-19.

The father and son duo of Jeyaraj 59 and Beniks kept their mobile shop open for just 15 minutes more than the scheduled time of 6 pm decided by the Government of India.

What happened after the incident “will always be one of the most diabolical acts ever committed by police officials in the history of India.”

The rogues in the uniform of police took Jeyaraj and Beniks in the police custody, claiming they both verbally and physically fought with the police.

However, later the CCTV footage showed the world that both the father and the child did not fight verbally or physically with the police officials. The incidents which occurred next showed how brutal a person could become if he gets official power.

Over the next couple of days, according to the reports of Jeyaraj’s family and other media houses, both the father and son were mercilessly thrashed for hours in jail, once they were taken to the custody.

The thrashing was because Beniks tried to stop the police officials, who were physically harassing his father. This was not the end. Over the next two days, they were severely beaten by the police

On June 20 the family of the victims were shocked in pain and cry by seeing the mutilated condition of the father and the son. They were taken to the local hospital, where all their pants were soaked with blood. They had to change their lungi in every three hours because of the continuous oozing of blood.

Their private parts were mangled, their chest hair was plucked one by one; they were thrashed by forcing the head against the wall. Still, on June 22 the Sathankulam magistrate court ordered the police to take them back to Kovilpatti Sub Jail.

Over, the next two days did not know any whereabouts about the father and the son. Due to continuous torture and bleeding with several critical injuries all over the body, Bennix died late evening on June 22, and Jeyaraj died in the early hours on June 23

Strangely, according to the police officials, they died because of a heart attack, and the officials believed in the statement as well. There was no FIR’s lodged against the police officials in the initial few days.

Thanks to the media and the power of social media, it became viral news, throughout the country. There was public outrage, and the administration had to take some serious steps

Therefore, after the postmortem report and the investigation reports from other police officials, Four Tamil Nadu policemen were arrested today.

The Crime Branch has arrested inspector Sridhar, sub Inspectors Raghu Ganesh and Balakrishnan and constable Murugan under 302 IPC

However, will the arrest make any sense if these criminals in the uniform of police won’t get any punishment? And what shall be the ideal punishment for them?

Suspension, Life-long prison, Hang till death?? It needs to be such a firm punishment that in future no police or any lifesavers, dare to turn into barbaric demons.



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