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Moonshine Took 104 Lives In Punjab

“The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem.”

A state which is substantially fighting with narcotic drug use for a very long time is now facing a hooch tragedy that took the life of 104 people in four districts (Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Batala and Tran Taran).

Congress government led Cap. Amrinder Singh is clouded for the first time in his three and half years tenure for such a whim. This brought a hall of shame on the government who came into power with a promise to eradicate drugs from Punjab within two months after taking charge.

Tragically, several states pay no heed to rejuvenate the excise administration and policing, and therefore paving the way for choppy deceased. Given this terrible incident recently, it is anticipated that in these states Punjab may be on top.

Tilak Raj, the survivor of Punjab hooch tragedy, said he had not been able to see appropriately since the time he drank denatured alcohol. According to him, he felt uncomfortable subsequent to drinking denatured alcohol, which he had purchased for Rs 60 from Triveni Chauhan and Darshana Rani, alias Faujan, outside the Hathi Gate region in Batala.

Numerous Batala inhabitants affirmed that illicit liquor was openly sold in the Hathi Gate area however no move was made by the authorities.

Another survivor in Amritsar’s Muchhal town said he felt anxiety subsequent to drinking illicit alcohol. He said he was giddy after consuming it. As indicated by a top excise official, the reports of the compound examination of the material seized by police were yet to come, a shallow check demonstrated that the material was a denatured spirit, by and large utilized in the paint or hardware industry.

In the meantime, family members of the dead in Amritsar excoriated police for not making any move against those enjoying the denatured alcohol trade.

Charan Kaur, who lost her spouse to hooch tragedy in Amritsar’s Muchhal, claimed that accused Balwinder Kaur had been selling alcohol for over two decades in the town.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal demanded a CBI inquiry into the misfortune, asserting that none of the cases relating to denatured liquor over the recent couple of months have been comprehended by the local administration. AAP likewise held a statewide protest against the administration under the leadership of Aap state chief Bhagwant Mann.

Replying to Delhi CM, Cap. Amrinder Singh said Aap leaders should mind their own business. He said he should not try to exploit the horrific affair for revitalising his inactive party’s stake in Punjab.

In a statement issued by CMO Punjab, he said 30 people have been arrested so far and 13  police and excise and taxation officers had been suspended.

In a recent development two towns of Patiala have also accounted for the same. These towns are purportedly used to exchange, store, flexibly and produce spurious alcohol.

Month to month pay-offs to police officers, bungled up examinations and purposeful endeavors “not to recover money” in cases enrolled under the Excise Act supposedly assist this trade to be flourished.

As per the guidelines of WHO, the government must actively trace and regulate the illicit liquor. This can only be done with the prior help of the community (particularly from women’s groups) and local administration. There is an urgent need for determination to end the flow of spurious liquor and to strengthen the health care system at district level, simple detoxification.

Written By Chanderveer Singh

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