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Building Business on a Platter of Dreams

Building Business on a Platter of Dreams

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Nrushingha Nath Nanda, Jehoovah Group

Driven by the urge to contribute to the state’s economic growth and generate a profusion of job opportunities, Nrushingha Nath Nanda(Building Business on a Platter of Dreams) is stepping ahead. For this Ratan Tata admirer, there is no looking back.

Nanda borrowed one of the quotes of the iconic industrialist to make it his life’s mission. “I don’t believe in taking the right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right.”  

A strong-willed man, Nanda(Building Business on a Platter of Dreams) worked doggedly to brighten his future. He vowed to create a better life for himself and be a part of the state’s economic growth story.

Hailing from a modest family in Berhampur, Nanda did his BPharma, topping it with an MBA. He worked his way up the entrepreneurial ladder to float The Jehoovah Group of Companies.

The Group’s interests are concentrated on Real estate, Pharmaceuticals, Agro Services, Electronic media, Entertainment Sectors & Production House. With over 300 employees on its rolls, the Group’s turnover has touched Rs 25 crore.

Nanda(Building Business on a Platter of Dreams) believes in exalted dreams and transforming them into outcomes that serve as examples for others. An exclusive interview with the young entrepreneur:-

Why did you choose to be an entrepreneur?

With a motto to give employment to 500-1000 people, spurring economic growth and overcoming financial problems of some people, I have entered into this entrepreneurship business. Right now, we are fortunate to employ more than 300 people. I always want to be a job giver rather than a job seeker.

After completion of my professional studies despite good job opportunities on my hand, I had less interest to join in the job. I(Building Business on a Platter of Dreams) have the vision to spread our business wings in such a way that it helps to contribute something in the state’s economy and accordingly, I plan out this business.  

Who inspires you? 

No one can inspire if you don’t have a strong desire. I never believe in getting success overnight. I can proudly say that my family and my life partner are the greatest inspiration for what I am today. 

When I joined the job for a shorter period just after completion of my B Pharma that time my two elder brothers had their industries and they were successful in their respective businesses. Their business journey inspired me to do something my own. 

Say something about entrepreneurship opportunities in Odisha 

Status and opportunities for small scale industries in Odisha are quite well. The government is providing a generous scope. But it depends on the entrepreneurs how they availed and utilized it.

Every entrepreneur needs to be dedicated to their vision and should follow their ethics and thinking properly which will boost the state’s economy. 

Is Make in Odisha conclave helpful for growing entrepreneurs? 

It’s a beautiful program where entrepreneurs are getting the opportunity to interact with many businessmen. It is one of the praiseworthy steps taken by the state government. Here, entrepreneurs will get various new initiatives as well. I(Building Business on a Platter of Dreams) expect this program will surely boost the entrepreneur sector in Odisha. 

What to your mind are the top three key entrepreneurial skills?

Business ethics should be proper

Transparency in Business

Good workers and associates 

How do you foresee Jehoovah in the coming 5-10 years?

I have a high vision. I wanted Jehoovah to be listed in 2023-24 and we are working on it. After being a listed company, we can reach the international market. Even now, we(Building Business on a Platter of Dreams) are fortunate to reach other countries in our EXIM business and direct product marketing.

The company dreams of strengthening its presence in the domestic and international markets with its products. In the next 10 years, our turnover is projected at Rs 5000 crore.

Do you reach out to CSR activities?

We are planning to reach out to many CSR activities; like in the health segment, we are trying to provide free mobile health checkups and simultaneously working on awareness programs on health, traffic and other social issues. 

What is your greatest achievement to date?

My big achievement is my workers and associates. As they are with me since the beginning, they are my biggest assets and they have propelled me towards success.

How did you overcome your failure?

Business means failure and failure is like my best friend. I faced it several times and learn new things from this but it never breaks me rather shows me a path for my expansion of a business. Fortunately, I have no such problems now but if it comes, I will overcome my learning. Failure is a learning point; one can easily achieve success from failure.

What will be your message for the entrepreneurs? 

First, an entrepreneur should understand the ethics of his business, vision, and aim. They should follow the proper way of ethics. 

As you know many entrepreneurs are not born with these skills, what will be your suggestions for them?

If the entrepreneur wants to run a business and he has no idea about it, then he should take advice from an experienced person from that same field or he can join a job or training in that field to gather knowledge. Else, he can appoint an experienced associate. 

How can an entrepreneur sustain in the market for the long term?

Sighting an example of a kid while crawling and walking, he/she must face many failures, but he never stops walking. Do you know why? His/her vision and ethics are very clear and strong.

When dreams become your need, you keep trying and success embraces you. As you face problems and failures, you will gather more and more knowledge.

While reading inspiring stories of a successful person, we loved it but we should dive into their problems and failures during their business journey. 

What is the biggest fear in business? 

Workers and associates are the biggest fears. There is no other fear than a dedicated worker to run a business. To hold these assets, we have to prepare an ethic, understand their needs, respect each worker and treat them as a unit and family members.

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