“Cementing Innovations”

by Priyanshu Mohanty

Milan Mishra ( Founder )


Innovating and advancing the state of things had always been Mr. Milan Mishra’s passion. With 12 years of experience in the ready mix concrete sector and employment at well-known companies like Lafarge, RMC India, Nuvoco, and RDC Concrete, he was familiar with the many opportunities and challenges encountered in the industry. It was not until he decided to found Duramix that he was able to fully realize his vision.




There is no doubt that starting a new business is not an easy task. You may have faced many difficulties when you started the business, but the most important thing we want to know is how did you come up with the idea?


My expertise is based on my 12 and a half years of experience in this field prior to joining Duramix. In my first year in Odisha, I was less eager to establish a ready-mix plant because I realized that it was a niche product that would require considerable effort to be successful. After returning, I realized this market has a great deal of potential that is lacking in other types of markets. Having the opportunity to realize that potential is a strength for me as an Odia, and I appreciate the environment in which the Odisha government operates. COVID-19 was just around the corner, so we faced many challenges. I was

advised to remain at my current position, but I believed that this was the best time to leave, since the construction industry was the only one exempt, especially since a majority of the national players in this industry have closed their doors.




When you entered the market, there might have been a number of competitors. How did you compete with them? Did your colleagues or friends offer you any support?


In the market, there were 14 to 15 competitors, 6 of whom were from India as a whole. It was as if we were a small fish in a vast red ocean. The company considers itself to be the standard-bearer of the industry, having led the market for the past 1.5 years. My pillars of support were two additional individuals who were with me. One of them has a background in construction, while the other has a background in mechanical engineering. They yielded Duramix in Execution Expertise, Concrete Technology and Pumping Solutions. Throughout my career, I have worked in major vertices like Sales, Quality and Operation in companies throughout India.



I see life in a different perspective, wherein I run, hustle, fail, succeed, and learn. That is what life is all about for me. I have always believed that I will achieve what I desire in a positive manner. Even my team is a group of dedicated and passionate individuals carefully picked for the vision that I had. They were all experienced professionals who had left behind their comfortable corporate jobs to join me in this endeavor.


Duramix revolutionized the ready mix concrete industry, so what challenges did you face during the early part of the journey?


The early days were not easy. The company struggled to find clients, but fortunately, a few came forward to support Duramix unconditionally. One of the early projects that Duramix won was with Bharat Biotech. The project was a big test for the company, as it was challenging formidable competitors in an open arena. But Duramix performed exceptionally well, even though the site was far flung. That was a milestone to be rejoiced.


When did the transformation for Duramix as a credible brand happen?


Despite the challenges that the industry faced, I never wavered the belief in quality and service that Duramix provided. The introspection to set new industry benchmarks was painstaking, although soon the company began to see its successes. Finally, Duramix bagged its long cherished dream, the Kalinga Stadium Extension Project with LnT as the major share , and from the non, the company never looked back.

What is your vision for the development of Odisha in the coming years and what are the expansion plans for Duramix in the region?



Odisha, has the opportunity to shine under the leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister Mr. Naveen Patnaik. With various projects drawing attention from around the world, the state has become a prime destination for global investments. The Government has opened the way to buying the desired FAR (Floor Area Ratio) for promoters, paving the adoption of High Rise Buildings. Duramix aims to secure a leading role in this development in the coming years, with their commitment to quality and innovation.

In order to continue meeting these demands and ensure seamless execution and consistent quality across Bhubaneswar, Duramix was compelled to invest in state-of-the-art technology. This led to the establishment of Odisha’s first 120 cubic meter capacity plant in Jatni, which was equipped with modern facilities such as temperature control and automated beads and fiber dosing systems. The flagship facility allowed Duramix to continue to meet the need so fits clients and set new industry standards for quality and consistency.


Are there any eccentric practices you would like to point out in Duramix?


Duramix believes in Cohesive development, hence prefers to train undervalued new entrants into the market rather than toying with the conventional workforce in the industry. With the cumulative training, these human resources will be valuable assets to the company’s growth.

On the other hand, we also understand the importance of Gender Equality, which is why we aim to have 35% of Women in our team despite having a male predominated industry.


If you were to give advice to someone seeking to become an entrepreneur,what would you say?


Someone who is passionate about something, sees a need, and believes that their efforts will benefit society and the environment should hold on to his dream; the struggles you bear, the path you chose and your future shouldn’t stop you from pursuing it.

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