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Kerala Becomes First State To Set Floor Price Of 16 Vegetables

Kerela -Becomes -First -State -To -Set -Floor -Price -Of -16 -Vegetables

Chief Minister Kerela Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday announces that it achieved to become the first state in the country to fix the floor price or MSP for 16 vegetables.

The floor price would be 20 percent above the production cost of the vegetables.

Even if the market price will go below the floor price, the product would be procured at the floor price from the farmers.

He announced this while launching this scheme of the floor price for 16 varieties of vegetables, which would come into effect from 1 November, often referred to Kerala Formation Day.

This is the first time in the country that the floor price is being fixed for vegetables produced in the state.

This is going to provide relief as well as support for the farmers. The produce will be graded, and the floor price will be fixed based on the quality.

Sixteen varieties of the vegetables are to be covered in the first phase and there is a provision to revise the floor price regularly,” said Vijayan.

He said the local self-government bodies would have a crucial role to play this scheme as they would be coordinating procurement and distribution of vegetables.

“Farmers can now register on the agriculture department’s registration portal after insuring the crop to get the benefit of the floor price.

The scheme even envisages setting up of the entire supply chain process like cold storage facilities and refrigerated vehicles for transporting the products,” stated Vijayan.

Kerela has been solely dependent on neighbouring states over the years for vegetable requirements, and in recent times the production of state has doubled to 14.72 lakh metric tonnes.

With this new characteristic, the approach is to increase production by an additional 1 lakh metric tonne each of vegetables and tuberKerela Becomes First State To Set Floor Price Of 16 Vegetables
crops this year.

Written By- Mousami jena
Image Courtsey- Google

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