“Crafting Legends since 1936” Khimji Jewellers



Khimji Jewellers stands as a distinctive brand in Odisha, recognized for its unparalleled quality and craftsmanship within the Indian jewelry industry. Originating in 1936 in Baripada, Mayurbhanj, during the era of India’s struggle for independence, Khimji Dayabhai, hailing from Balambha, Gujarat, laid the foundation. His exceptional skills caught the attention of Maharani Takat Kumari Devi, leading to the establishment of a jewelry outlet in Baripada in 1936.

Over the years, Khimji has experienced remarkable success, strategically expanding its presence with a showroom in Bhubaneswar in 1985. Fueled by unwavering commitment to quality, exemplary customer service, and ethical business practices, Khimji swiftly became a household name in Odisha, evolving into one of the region’s premier jewelers.

Through the passage of time, Khimji Jewellers has not only weathered the years but has emerged as a paragon of remarkable success. This ascent to prominence was strategically orchestrated, marked by the establishment of a pivotal showroom in Bhubaneswar in 1985. This move was not merely an expansion; it was a calculated step that laid the foundation for the brand’s enduring legacy in the landscape of Odisha’s jewelry industry.

The driving force behind Khimji’s trajectory is a resolute commitment to excellence in every facet of its operations. Unyielding in its pursuit of quality, the brand has set itself apart by consistently delivering products of unparalleled craftsmanship. This dedication to precision and artistry has not only set a standard but has become synonymous with the Khimji name, earning the brand a revered status in the discerning world of Odisha’s jewelry enthusiasts.

In 1999, Shri Dinesh Khimji and Shri Kishore Khimji ventured further by opening a showroom at Sriya Square, Bhubaneswar. The flagship store and corporate office were established at Janpath, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar, in 2009. Subsequently, Khimji Jewellers extended its footprint to Cuttack, Rourkela, Chandrasekharpur, Behrampur, and Jharsuguda.

Beyond the realm of jewelry, Khimji diversified into various sectors, giving rise to the Khimji Group in 2011, engaging in automotive, real estate, finance, tourism, and dairy farming. The group’s headquarters is strategically located in Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar.

The vision of Khimji Jewellers transcends mere craftsmanship; it aspires to enhance human lives through finely crafted jewelry, becoming an integral part of their joy, love, and celebrations. The commitment is not just to create beautiful pieces but to make a meaningful impact on individuals.

Khimji Jewellers’ mission revolves around delivering exquisite craftsmanship, trusted value, and exceptional service to customers. The company prides itself on dedication to its community, consistently providing the best possible experience to its patrons. At the heart of Khimji Jewellers’ mission lies a profound commitment to delivering not just jewelry, but an experience marked by exquisite craftsmanship, unwavering trust, and exceptional service for its discerning customers. The company’s dedication goes beyond the confines of a transaction, aiming to create lasting impressions and meaningful connections with its patrons.

The Khimjis, originally catering to royalty in Baripada, established their jewelry business in 1936. Kishore Khimji, a CA graduate, opened the first showroom in Bhubaneswar in 1982, solidifying the legacy of ‘Khimji Jewellers since 1936.’

Mitesh Khimji, the driving force behind the Khimji conglomerate, describes himself as an accidental jeweler. With roots in Bhubaneswar and a background in mining transport, Mitesh’s interest took an unexpected turn toward jewelry. Under the collaboration of his father, Dinesh Khimji, and uncle Kishore Khimji, the family business thrived, with Mitesh’s brother Sumeet actively participating.

Mitesh Khimji’s leadership has propelled Khimji Jewellers to new heights. Renowned for exquisite designs and a commitment to quality, he ensures each piece reflects craftsmanship and elegance. His professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional customer service contribute to the brand’s growth and success. Through collaborations with renowned designers and participation in prestigious showcases, Mitesh Khimji continues to bring innovation and creativity, firmly establishing Khimji Jewellers as a trusted luxury brand in the industry.

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