Durgapuja to be held in Metaverse


In India, Mahalaya signals the start of the holiday season, therefore the celebrations officially started today. This year, four pandals in Kolkata—Ahiritola Sarbajanin, Deshapriya Park, Ballygunge Cultural, and Tala Prattoy—have teamed up with tech partners to provide users with this ground-breaking experience through the use of metaverse technologies, which are incredibly well-liked by online gamers.

People from all across the nation will have the chance to visit these renowned pandals and engage in the iconic festivities thanks to the metaverse pandal hopping, which is the ideal fusion of culture and technology.’MetaPujo’ will offer four non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of Durga idols from the busiest pandals in Kolkata, according to Metaform and XP&DLand one of the IT businesses.

Users on the metaverse platform “Spatial” can access a shared social area where individuals from all over the world can congregate and walk around, talk, and even take pictures. The platform has planned centres around 3D recreations of the pandals. The platform is available to everyone via basic smart phones, tablets, and wearables, and users are expected to create a meta-realistic avatar of themselves.

You’re not need to be in Kolkata right now to observe the Pujas. According to Suveer Bajaj, co-founder of Metaform and XP&DLand, “Meta pujos will allow people from all over the world to enter pandal meta twins as family and friends – separated by physical distance but unified in the meta celebration.

The idea of fusing technology and culture to create a first-hand experience from anywhere in the world without the requirement for physical presence is one that many other businesses intend to adopt.


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