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Feisty Warrior

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Nikunja Dhal, Principal Secretary of health & family welfare of Odisha

A bureaucrat of impeccable credentials, Nikunja Bihari Dhal(Feisty Warrior) displayed exemplary fortitude when he resumed official duties within 24 hours of losing his father. Overcoming personal bereavement, Dhal, a 1993 batch IAS officer sprung to the humane cause of combating a deadly pandemic.

By then, Odisha had registered two positive cases of Covid-19 and fears were mounting of community-level transmission.

With his chin up and with a calm, steady head atop his shoulders, Dhal(Feisty Warrior) pledged to save lives with his steely resolve. His is truly an act of peerless sacrifice which will be archived in the memory of the common man.

“Nikunja Dhal IAS, Pr Secy Health, Govt of Odisha showed exemplary courage when he was back in his office combating the epidemic Coronavirus within 24 hours of his father’s death,” says the tweet by IAS Officers Association.

Extolling Dhal’s(Feisty Warrior) conduct, the IAS Officers’ Guild likened him to a role model. MyGOVIndia’s twitter handle labelled him an ‘unsung hero’.

Coronavirus has thrown the world out of gear, affecting more than 190 countries. But Dhal(Feisty Warrior) has emerged as a resilient hero who surmounts all odds.

In an effort to contain its spread, schools and colleges and cinema halls have been closed till March 31. People have also been advised to avoid non-essential gatherings and remain home.

The health and family welfare department among other officials has also been authorised to procure necessary drugs, equipment and other services to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

Social media users offered their condolences and saluted his courage. One user said, “Real Hero! I will wait for a chance to meet @nbdhal Sir to thank him.” Another added, “We are the hardworking ppl. love to fellow Odia from another odia..”

Someone commented, “Great Exemplary sense of responsibility at the time of utmost needed services.” Yet another tweeted, “All heroes do not wear capes. Some wear courage.”

The 1993-batch IAS officer(Feisty Warrior) could have taken leave on personal grounds but he was back on the ground within 24 hours after completing the necessary rituals. The self-less act of the officer was lauded by the public for leading by example and imparting the lesson of taking responsibility.

“Our state is sufficiently prepared to tackle the Covid-19. In fact, whatever advisories have been issued by the WHO and the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, we are doing that. We are fully prepared, so there is no need to panic. If someone has visited China, especially Wuhan province and have developed some symptoms of Coronavirus, we are insisting on blood sampling. For asymptomatic people, we are advising them to stay in isolation under home quarantine”, Dhal said.


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