Following the viewing of the “heinous” Manipur recordings, Celina Jaitly claims she is unable to eat or sleep


Celina Jaitly has urged the government to punish those responsible for the horrible crime committed against two ladies in Manipur harshly.One of the numerous Bollywood stars who expressed outrage over the atrocities against two tribal women, who were paraded on the street by a huge group of men, is Celina Jaitly. Only after a video of the incident recently went viral did the months-old instances come to light.

Celina declared on Twitter that she was unable to eat or sleep after seeing the violent Manipur videos a short while ago. shaking once more with rage, sorrow, and rage. Conflict is conflict… Violence is violence, regardless of the motivation, and violence against women is not cultural; it is criminal.
She added, “Authorities should prioritise protecting women and children above anything else. I am absolutely horrified by this awful, barbaric crime against women, and I want the government to take such severe punishment that no one would ever dare do anything like ever again. I have faith in the administration. Manipur on fire Crisis in Manipur.

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