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Hike In Price Troubles Visitors Of Bhitarakanika National Park After Reopens From Oct 1

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The rise in prices of the Dangamal Nature Camps in Bhitarakanika National Park is troubling tourists this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the park was closed since the lockdown. But on Oct 1, the park was reopened, but no visitors are allowed to enter the national park during the daytime for which the entry fee was 20 per person because of the guidelines due to Coronavirus. Only those visitors who will book cottages will be allowed to spend in the park.

But due to the Coronavirus, the park was closed for around seven months, so the charges after the reopen intend to be a little high than the normal. Earlier, the Forest Department used to charge 2000-3000 for one night stay at the nature camps, including the food and sightseeing facilities. But now the price has been raised from 5800 to 6800 per night. 

After a long gap when the park reopens, people were excited about some outdoor travel, but the rise in the cottage’s price has been keeping the tourist away from the business.

Even the private operators till now are not allowed to operate in the area. Usually, private operators arrange tents with equipment and sightseeing in the park. Due to the Coronavirus, the tourists have been a little limited with fewer accommodation options in the park. The private operators hope that soon the forest officials will allow them to set up their tents as from October to February is the best time for the tourist to visit the park.

The forest department has also limited the guest houses, and the exorbitant tariff has become an impediment for the visitors. Since Oct 1, around 35 tourists have visited the national park.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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