Hong Kong giving away free tickets to boost tourism


Hong Kong is poised to reveal the specifics of a scheme to give away 500,000 plane tickets as part of an upcoming international PR campaign. According to a government statement cited by Bloomberg, John Lee, the leader of Hong Kong, will preside over the Hello Hong Kong campaign’s premiere. After more than three years of strict COVID-19 limits, the financial centre is trying to entice travellers, companies, and investors back.Speaking in English, Lee claimed that the initiative would demonstrate that the city was welcoming to tourists and that it intended to increase trade and investment in the Chinese Special Administrative Region.

There will be no isolation, quarantine, or limits on taking in the hustle and bustle of Asia’s great capital because Hong Kong is now connected to mainland China and the entire worldwide community, he continued. According to sources, the campaign will feature more than 200 activities that will be held to emphasise the city’s homecoming. The majority of the 500,000 free air trickets will be issued by Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. and its low-cost airline HK Express, with others being distributed to foreign travellers by travel firms.The government is working to rebuild the city’s economy and restore its reputation after three years of self-imposed isolation due to the pandemic, as well as three years of frequently violent protests in 2019. The gross domestic product contracted 3.5% last year, the third decline in four years. In 2022, Hong Kong welcomed nearly 605,000 tourists, up from 91,000 in 2021 as the city gradually lifted its Covid restrictions, according to Bloomberg. However, the city had approximately 56 million visitors before the epidemic because Hong Kong had Asia’s busiest international airport at the time.

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