How pandemic super moms can juggle work and life?

How pandemic super moms can juggle work and life

Due to the COVID-19 eruption, several working mothers have switched from office workstations to ‘Work From Home’ in all probability finding it difficult to navigate the changes to their daily routine and advancement.

Unfortunately, the unfolding of the coronavirus (COVID-19)—the respiratory disorder that originated in Wuhan city, China—has created this case a reality for several moms nationwide.

Parenting while juggling conference calls, unending emails, and tight deadlines are not any joke and young kids demand continuous attention.

Minimizing distractions, taking care of children who are now at home all day, managing your supervisor and employers’ expectations, and creating a wall between workspace and living space are all problems that people across the world are facing during the COVID pandemic.

This new normal is sometimes overwhelming, especially for working moms but remember: You’re far from alone. There are numerous moms trying to balance work life and manage their kids. So, we have amazing tips one can use to make working from home with kids a bit less challenging.

Create Schedule– It’s important to line up your day carefully, by setting “designated office” hours. Ask yourself these questions: How many hours does it need to figure that day out? When will you return calls?

What are you able to accomplish while your son or daughter is colouring the next room? You’ll get more work done if you’re employed smarter. That said, one among the simplest benefits of performing at house is flexibility during Work from Home.

If your son or daughter is fussing during your office hours and it’s a beautiful day, it’s okay to push assignments aside and play outside. You can catch abreast of work later when your cutie has settled down. Keep kids entertained if we can give them at least 30 minutes of quality time, we would get two hours to figure out office work.

Pandemic Super Moms – The Tricks and Tips set aside a couple of cool toys that your kids can play with, or arrange playdates or special movie viewings only during “Mommy’s work period.”

When your kids have something to look forward to, they’ll be less likely to disturb you. You can also try fixing an activity centre in your balcony so kids feel as if they need their own designated place to try projects while you catch up on e-mails. Seek extra help if you need it. Your partner also can be an excellent source of support.

For instance, you can take care of the house and the kids’ responsibilities in the morning while your spouse works, and vice versa. This ensures a few hours you can dedicate purely to work.

Be clear about the expectations that you have children at home and cannot guarantee that work calls will be interruption-free. Talk to your children as well. Let them know that although it may seem like a weekend or a vacation since everybody is home, it is a highly unusual circumstance that demands you to work from home.

Plan your meals the night before. When you and your entire family at home, it’s tempting to prepare nice meals for everybody. Don’t use your precious day time to make food from scratch. Plan your meals and do the prep work like cutting and chopping the night before.

This helps in ensuring you’re not using your productive work time in performing non-work tasks that require a lot of your energy, which can be better used at your desk.

Reward good behaviour. Working from home with kids underfoot, in an emergency situation like this, requires you to maintain harmony, however possible.

This may include setting up a reward system for your children when they listen, display good behaviour, and follow instructions. Increase their screen time temporarily. Limiting screen time is usually a necessity under normal conditions.

But in an exceedingly state of affairs, when kids are at home with nowhere to go, it is worth considering adding to their daily screen time to buy more work time for you.

But let them know that it is a temporary adjustment for some time only. Pandemic Super Moms – The Tricks and Tips We are sure these tricks may take you a long way to prove yourself a Super Mom in this pandemic and your kids will cherish these amazing time spend with you in their later lives.

Written By Pratima Mahapatra

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