In Conversation with Author Arti Shenmar

Interview with Author of "Zindagi ki Kahani Sukanya ki Zubaani".

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Arti Shenmar is an eminent Author and has curated the book “Zindagi ki Kahani Sukanya ki Zubaani”. Let us know more about her in this interview .

Q1) Since when did you start writing? Tell us about your first experience in writing.

In my school days, I saw the dream of becoming a writer and I started writing english poems from 1998 onwards. I had learnt the art of expressing my thoughts in the most imaginative ways. I wrote some of the most beautiful english poems during that time. The poem which is dear to my heart is “Colours of the Sky”. I love the words of the poem “Colours of the Sky like Dreams in her eyes” “Sometimes Bright Sometimes Dull”. “Colours of the Sky like Dreams in her eyes”

Q2) How did you decide the storyline of your book “Zindagi ki Kahaani – Sukanya ki Zubaani “?

The title of the book was suggested by one of my great friend, who motivated and inspired me to rise in life like a rising sun.

Q3) We know that the process of writing a book is tedious in itself. Tell us few lines about the experience.
Writing Poems is my passion. I have treasure of words which keeps growing everyday.

I wrote some of the most beautiful Shayri with my Pen-name Sukanya/Sukan, the said journey began in year 2004. People used to love my Poems. I was happy with the appreciation I was receiving though getting my book published was still a dream too far from Reality.

In the year 2020, when I suffered from Covid at that time realization came that one day life will end and my dream of getting my book published will emain buried in my thoughts.I started writing again with my famous pen-name Sukanya/Sukan in 2022 and today, I am the Proud Author of my Solo-book “Zindagi ki Kahani Sukanya Ki Zubaani”. So far, I have written for seven anthology books for various publication houses.

Q4)Tell us about your hobbies and thinks you enjoy doing.

Besides writing, I love reading poetry books. I love gardening and watching Hindi and Punjabi movies.

Q5) One advice to the youth who wants to take up writing as a career option.

You have to carve your own path. Make sure you carve the best one.

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