In Conversation with Eminent Author – Srilekha Sagar Kannam


Srilekha Sagar Kannam has curated two beautiful books “ The Love War and the End” and Faded Hope . She has immense interest in writing. Let us know more about her in the Series “ In Conversation with Eminent Authors” only on Interview Times.

Q1)What interested you in the field of writing ? How did you recognize your calling as an writer ?

My father and mother always encouraged me to read books and my father is a poet, so since childhood I was into reading and writing and growing up it turned into passion.

Q2) How did you decide the plot for the book “The Love War and The End “

it was a fictional love story and our generation is really confusing when it comes to relationship, and most of them granted the love we get but realisation hits evryone at a pont and then we understood the value I think that’s what it turned the book plot.

Q3)Nowadays a great number of youth wants to take up writing as their career option . What would be your advice to them ?

Writing is a continuous process and there is always scope for improvement and everyone should learn from the process and mostly write your heart out more than using fancy words.

Q4) Give us an insight that goes behind the process of authoring the book. The story boarding ,deciding the genre and final publishing.

It’s a huge process, many times we start the story in one way and endup delivering something because in process we re read and re write many times and due to that we write until we feel happy with it, there will be many steps from writing to publishing.

Q5)Tell us about some of your favourite authors and their compositions.

My all time favourite is Rabindranath Tagore Omnibus – Vol. 2 and in telugu Sri sri Mahaprasthaanam.

Q6) How did you come up with the Plot of Faded Hope ?

I observe things a lot evryone have their own suffering that’s how the book started and their is a twist and I enjoyed this book most.

Q7) Finally , tell us about your support system in the process of becoming an author.

My siblings they always support me after my parents. They have been a great support in my journey.

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