In Conversation with Sunit Kumar Das – A promising Cinematographer

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Photo of Sunit Kr. Dash

The recent age of digitalization has connected us with several budding cinematographers . The budding talents have brought a refreshing idea of movies and communication infront of the youth. Sunit Kumar Dash, is also known as Dash Trapicals on Social Media. He is an independent  self taught cinematographer and video editor.

The poster of a film Old town directed and produced by Sunit Kr. Dash

What is film making for you ?

Film making is more than a hobby for me, it has become  a big part of my life. It helps me to express my thoughts and vision in the form of visuals. Always been a learner and I am still learning everyday.

How have you got interest in the fields of Cinematography ?

Sunit 3

To be honest there was no connection of me with films when I started. But I always loved travelling, I have almost travelled every place in india with my parents, those days I didn’t even knew how to operate a camera.Just excited to see new places,. Three years back I went on a small hike with my friends, one of my friend had an Action Camera (Gopro) with him, while roaming around I was trying my hands on the device. That’s when I filmed my first ever video.I went home and was going through all the clips and I realized that, maybe I can share a vision which can be a treat to eyes for many!Took those clips and started editing in my ipad, those edits were not very great but every video gave me an urge to do more..Back in the time I was not filming because I wanted to achieve something, I was just curious to learn more and do more.


Have you encountered any personal experience during photography or cinematography session . Please let us know one life experience you came across.

A photo clicked by Sunit Kr. Dash


Right now I am more into travel filmmaking and Music Videos.The most amazing part about both of them is the people you meet while production.A lot of the times I am quite an introvert, but when it comes to travelling or film projects. It just takes few minutes to make an amazing bond!I went to film city a few months back for a Music Video shoot. There were a lot of people whome I met for the first time and I got surprised to know that many of them knew me, not personally but because of my work.When artists meet, it’s a different world. It doesnt matter from where do you belong or where you come from. You will be respected because of your art.Its all about the work that will speak for you.

Each picture has a story to tell- Sunit Kr. Dash


Do you think theory photography or cinematography sessions taught in classes are of any help ?

I think film schools and universities are important till one extent. Its important to gain technical and theory knowledge. But the real education begins whenyou actually start working in field, around like minded people. Because in cinematography your practical knowledge will determine your true skills.

One advice to people who would be interested in the Photography Genre.

One advice that I got from my mentors, I would like to share it here.The truest form of art comes from a heart, so put your heart in it. Because if your heart  is not in it, the head wont matter.

Interview by Subhechcha Ganguly

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