In Conversation with The Eminent Author of The Moody Tales – Sneha Shruti


Q1) Since when did you recognize our calling as an author ?Since when did you start writing.

>>I always had a keen in writing. I used to scribble various incidents of my life in a diary and then it became a habit. I found a friend in that diary and wrote about my feelings and things I would not share with anyone. It was during covid when I started writing poems and articles. It felt like I was meant to write, words became my friend and I just went along.


Q2) How did you decide the plot for the book “The Moody Tales ?”


>>As the name suggests, the book is all about the variations in mood that any individual face in their day today life. Each poem describes a story of love, life, lust, longingness, and death. The Moody Tales is basically collection of every kind of feelings, emotions and mood an adult would have.


Q3) You have received the Certificate of Appreciation for “Aesthettiic”. Tell us about your experience.

>>It was a writing competition, working with them was a great experience. As it was in the very beginning of my writing journey, they guided me well enough, and it was quiet a learning experience for me.


Q4) Nowadays social media has become a problem amongst the youth .A large portion of the youth has stopped reading books .What is your views on this issue ?

>>I would like to disagree with this. As per me, there is a target audience for everything. Not everything interests everyone. Also, the youth of today are very aware of their surroundings and topics like mental health, self-awareness etc. Yes, not everyone read books, but why are we forgetting about the technological advancements that are taking place? There are e-books available now. We should not forget that we are moving towards technological advancements and as an author or a publisher we need to pace ourselves with the changing time. So, it is not about the youth not reading books, but it is about the change in platform of gaining knowledge.


Q5) Do you feel writing helps in the improvement of mental health ?

>>Yes, it does. It did to me at least. Writing is something that can mend, heal, and help in channelizing your thoughts and energies in right direction. The more friendly you are with words, the calmer you are as a person. Writing not only helps healing oneself but also helps in understanding other’s perspective. It is the best thing to do when one’s life is in chaos.




Q6) Tell us where the readers can find out your book .Share the purchasing link and your email I’d .(optional)

>>The book is available on Zorba books website, amazon and flipkart. The links are mentioned below:-

Zorba Store:-



Email Id-


Q7) Any advice you want to give to the authors who want to take up writing in future ?

>> It is never too late to start. Listen to your inner voice and go ahead with your writing when you’re ready.

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