Managing Mental Health

by Subhechcha Ganguly

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Mental Health has been a topic that has gained significant importance in the past few years. A good percentage of the youth have come up to say that they have facing mental health issues like anxiety, depression ,restlessness and problems like insomnia have become common. Mental Health holds a special importance for people around thus proper management is very necessary.

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A lot of people accumulate their mental health concern for a long period of time. Thus the emotional outburst on several kinds of issues come out to be very drastic. Psychologists have also found out that hypertension and anger issues have happened because of several thoughts that has been accumulated over the years.

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Mental Health therapy and excercizes suggested by eminent psychologists can be very helpful. Several researchers say that the process of venting out your emotions in the correct way is also very important. An individual adult can take part in their favourite activity or hobbies that can make them relaxed and keep them proactive for a longer time. An interesting fact is that often vitamin deficiency and a lot of other aspects can contribute towards mental health. Thus with proper and very basic steps one can cure mental health issues. Prioritizing yourself is very important and making changes accordingly will help you fetcg maximum results, We all know that “Prevention is better than cure.”, so one should seek help whenever necessary and should never feel ashamed on asking or demanding help.

By Subhechcha Ganguly

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