Meet The Elegant Designer: Ms. Vedika Khandelwal

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Exuberant, dynamic and enterprising, Ms. Vedika Khandelwal embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2021. During the days of her graduation she conceptualized her entrepreneurial venture. After lots of brainstorming, her organization, Ornatte saw the daylight. Committed to the mission of making fashion accessible, flexible and rooted to Indianness, Ornatte and Ms. Vedika formed a team of experienced designers  and local artisans to design elegant products. Local craftsmanship accentuating  the uniqueness of each accessory in the most delightful fashion makes Ornatte stand apart.

The launch took place in the middle of the pandemic posing it a challenging affair. Despite the incisively monitored research and execution, Ms. Vedika faced the daunting task as her critical customer mass comes from the wedding market. And the sales activity in this market was marred by pandemic induced restrictions. Nevertheless, she focused on beefing up the digital marketing strategies. Tying up with some selective Instagram influencers gave the brand the much needed push. With some dexterous colleagues around her she sailed through quarter to quarter and stabilized the business. Now, Ornatte started spreading its wings, making it a respectable brand.

The factor that attracts big customer base is end to end customization, modernization and attractive packaging. The gift packaging is so enticing that customers prefer their service over the other brands.

The strategy by the end of 2022 is to stamp its authority in the global market by making its presence felt in some South Asian stores based in London and America. This speaks volume about the rapid progress the brand has made in a short span of time.

Inspired by the design style of ace designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Tarun Tahliani, Ms. Vedika aims to craft her own style. She is a free spirited 22 year young entrepreneur who has carved out her niche through some aesthetically appealing accessories like the carefully orchestrated handmade potlis. “Styling a potli with a sundress  embellishes the look of the bearers manifolds after all” says Vedika.

Ornatte caters to the utmost niche market, creating all the products with intricacy and attention to details is the vision of the team. In addition to vision of the product, As an organization, Ornatte has a vision to bring in sustainable fashion while providing employment to local artisans.

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