The Repugnant Act Of Police Upon The Teenage Girl Of Odisha

The Repugnant Act Of Police Upon The Teenage Girl Of Odisha

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By Sayak Karmakar

India was tottered with the barbaric act of Police in Tamil Nadu on a father and son duo. The planned murder with merciless torture for three consecutive days by the police was an act of shame and utter disgust.

The social media rage and the unity of the Indian community finally led the administration to take official actions against the culprit, thereby restoring the faith upon the legal system of India

During the same period, another barbarous crime by the police officials was officially registered. The crime which occurred in this scenario was no less scandalous sin that happened in the city of Tamil Nadu.

However, unfortunately, this incidence did not get much of the media hype and social media attention. This is probably because it was a case that happened in the tribal regions of Odisha, the state, which often doesn’t come to limelight of its good and bad deeds. It usually seems that for Indian media and high official people, Odisha seizes to exist in our country.

A 13-year-old teenage girl with lots of excitement and happiness visited a fair at Biramitrapur in Sundargarh district. However, due to the nationwide lockdown, the fair got cancelled.

The girl went to the bus-stop and was roaming around the area to wait for a bus to return to her houseLittle did the young girl know that the series of events that will unfold in her life next will be nothing short of a dreadful nightmare.

During that time, a police van was patrolling the area near the bus-stop and offered a lift to the little girl. The decision to take the lift of the policeman was the worst judgment of her life.

However, how can a young angel with a pure soul perceive the demonic plans of the police-officials?

The poor girl was taken to the police station where a 55-year-old official Majhi raped her for the entire day and sent her back home the next morning.

A heinous crime, right?? However, this was just the beginning of the horrific incidences upon the young girl, that followed over the next couple of months

After this incident, the girl was called upon the police-station every day, by citing some of the other reasons and was raped by Majhi along with other police officials.

During one of these horrendous incidences, the girl got pregnant. Inspector Majhi, then forcefully and of-course illegally aborted the baby inside the child’s womb. Yes, these police officials made this child pregnant as well

This horrific incident could have never come on limelight if a team from an NGO had not spotted the girl crying outside the police station.

The local NGO got to know about the full story, handed over the girl to the district child protection officer who later complained to Raiboga police station. Kudos to the NGO who did not fear the cowardly demons in uniforms

As per the latest development, Odisha police have suspended and arrested the 55-year-old inspector Anand Kumar Majhi after he was hiding in the forest for seven days. Further investigation is going, and the culprits will soon be taken to court.

Two offensive incidences by police officials in different parts of a country within a week!!! It’s high time for the judicial system and the government legislature to take stern actions and impose strict rules against them. Or else it won’t be long when rogue defines the culture of the police system in India.