Murder of Motherhood: Women Kills 27 days old baby by banging head on wall


Kerala: A very shocking news Kerala is shaking the world and questioning motherhood as the mother of a 27-day-old baby boy killed him by banging his head against the wall. The criminal mother got arrested by the Kerela Police.

The premature baby boy was regularly ill and his incessant crying prompted the 21-year-old mother to commit the crime.

The incident occurred on December 9. Police says, the child was taken to a hospital here at 11 AM on that day and was brought back home with medicine prescribed by the doctors.

Subsequently, the infant’s condition worsened during the day and the baby was rushed to a taluk hospital where he died.

Thereafter, a case was registered based on the statement given by Father Joji Thomas who ran an ashram where the woman worked as a kitchen worker and lived with her 45-year-old lover, police said.

After the postmortem on December 10, a police official spoke to the police-surgeon and found out that the child had injuries to the back of the head.

The damage was not recognisable or visible due to the thin skull of the infant, the police said and added that the official then met the child’s parents and questioned them.

As the woman showed some mental discomfort, she was not questioned in detail and on making enquiries about the couple, the police found they had met each other over the phone and started living together at the ashram.

The infant’s father was already married and the woman was living with him while aware about this fact, the police said.

The police said subsequent enquiries revealed that the mother herself had killed the child and she was arrested.

The woman was studying at a private institute in Kottayam when she met her lover over the phone, and she decided to kill the child as a sick infant would be detrimental to her further studies, police said.

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