Neuralink’s brain chip trial to begin in 6 months

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Elon Musk stated on Wednesday that he anticipates human clinical trials for a wireless brain device built by his business Neuralink to start in six months. Additionally, he asserted that he would eventually have the implant placed in his own head.

The equipment, developed by Neuralink, consists of a tiny gadget, electrode-laced wires, and a robot that removes a portion of a person’s skull and inserts it into the brain. According to Musk, ongoing negotiations with the US Food and Drug Administration have gone well enough for the business to set a goal of launching its first human trials within the following six months.According to their website, they are developing a brain-computer interface (BCI) that would enable users to wirelessly manage a computer or mobile device with just their thoughts.If the device is successful, it could hold particular promise for those with paralysis and other neurological conditions.According to Neuralink’s website, “Our goal is to design a system that is safe, totally implanted and aesthetically undetectable, available at home or out and about, and functional without help.”

The website for Neuralink claims that although scientists have already developed BCI devices (humans have used implants to play Pong and control robotic limbs), its technology differs by offering additional electrodes that “give unprecedented scalability.” When it comes to human testing, a few businesses with similar products are in front of Neuralink. For instance, Synchron Inc. has successfully implanted a tiny stent-like device into the brains of patients in the US and Australia. Patients who were unable to move or speak are now able to communicate wirelessly using computers and their thoughts. Onward Inc. has also made ground-breaking progress in helping spinal cord injury victims regain some movement.

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