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Ram Gopal Varma announced a movie on Arnab Goswami as The news Prostitute

Ram Gopal Varma announced a movie on Arnab Goswami as The news Prostitute
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After the shrewd debates carried out by Arnab Goswami, the Republic TV editor-in-chief on the gloomy world of Bollywood after the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the film Director and Producer Ram Gopal Verma announced to release a film based on the life of the news anchor named as  Arnab – The news prostitute. 

The director lashed out on twitter recently based on the several interviews Arnab Goswami has been telecasting by getting celebrities like Kangana Ranawat, south actress Kasthuri Shankar on the panel for them to vomit out the horrendous incidents they had to face as newcomers in Bollywood. 

Ram Gopal Verma tweeted, ” Was shocked to see #ArnabGoswami talk about Bollywood in such horrible way. It calls it the dirtiest industry ever with criminal connections, it’s full of the rapist, gangsters, sexual exploiters and what not?” 

However, a single tweet did not turn down the allegations made on Arnab Goswami. He made a series of tweet defending the name of Bollywood by explaining the incidents taking place in Bollywood about tragic deaths of Jiah Khan, Sri Devi, Divya Bharti, Sushant happened over a span of 25 years and it was dumb of the news anchor to put them in a line.

He also added that the 4 deaths took place in different circumstances but for Arnab, it all took place in the same circle and by an entity called Bollywood. The director was so much jangled by the anchor’s words that he urged other directors like Karan Johar, Mahesh Bhatt, Aditya Chopra to take a stand. 

He quoted Elmund Burke saying, ” For evil to triumph, it takes few good men to be silent.” 

He further tweeted, ” I for one am feeling very strongly about this and I decided to make a film on #ArnabGoswami in which I will take the clothes off his facade and make him naked exposing the lengths and breadths of his vital corrupt status.”

The series of tweet lastly exposed the sarcastic comment where he announced on the name of the film to be Arnab – the news prostitute. He was mulled whether to name his movie as The news pimp or the news prostitute but he settled for news prostitute because it was more relevant.

Written By Ompriya Sahoo

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