Republic Day Parade in Bhubaneshwar: Traffic Restrictions Issued By The Commissionerate Police

by Priya Bharti

The traffic restrictions for the State Level Republic Day Parade and Rehearsal Parade that will be held at Mahatma Gandhi Marg in Bhubaneswar have been issued by the Commissionerate Police.

According to the issued notice by the Commissionerate Police, the State Level Republic Day Parade will be organized on 26th January 2022 at Mahatma Gandhi Marg.

Designated invitees shall come to witness the Republic Day Parade at Mahatma Gandhi Marg. VIPs and other dignitaries will also attend the function including the participating contingents.

The rehearsal parade shall be held on 22/23.01.2022 at 02.30 P.M. and the full dressed rehearsals will take place on 24.01.2022 at 7.30 A.M. at the same place.

In order to regulate traffic, there is a need to impose restrictions on traffic movement around Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Bhubaneswar. In this regard, the Commissionerate Police has issued the following orders in the interest of public safety, traffic, and convenience.


  1. No vehicles or pedestrians will be permitted to enter Mahatma Gandhi Marg unless they are specifically invited to remain present during the ceremony.


  1. Vehicles coming from Housing Board crossing towards Rabindra mandap shall be diverted from Keshari Talkies through the left side lane.


  1. Vehicles coining from AG square towards PMG square shall be diverted from Jaydev Bhawan crossing via IDCOL auditorium road.


  1. Vehicles coming from 120 TA Battalion crossing towards Rabindra Mandap will be diverted from MLA colony crossing towards Unit-4 road.


  1. Vehicles coming on Janpath will not be allowed to enter Mahatma Gandhi Marg from the Master Canteen side.


  1. All the lanes touching Mahatma Gandhi Marg shall be sealed.


  1. The aforesaid restrictions on traffic movement shall also be imposed during Rehearsal Parade on 22/23.01.2022 at 02.30 P.M. and a fully dressed-up rehearsal will be done on 24.01.2022 at 7.00 A.M.


  1. Selling of gas balloons is strictly prohibited in the area between PMG square and Master Canteen square on 26.01.2022 from 06.30 A.M. till the parade is over.


  1. The invitees may approach the Mahatama Gandhi Marg either from Master Canteen or through Jaydev Bhawan (Sachivalaya Marg) up to the designated dropping point on the backside of the dais.


  1. The dedicated parking space for the VVIPs and invitees will be adjacent to the dais enclosed by steel railings. The lanes touching Mahatma Gandhi Marg may also be utilized for parking.


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