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“Sauce up Your Platter”: Sandip Guha Roy, Prime Sauce

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Sandip Guha Roy, Prime Sauce

In the late 80s and 90s and even early 2000 when a chef was asked to bring different kinds of sauce in cooking foods for any party or engagements then instantly the value and credibility of the chef had gone skyrocketing. Sensing that as an opportunity to explore, Prime Sauce “Sauce up your platter” emerged with the vision to offer the real taste of foods led by the committed entrepreneur Sandip Guha Roy popularly known as “Dada”.

Ray recalls how the government was reclusive in setting up a professional unit for manufacturing sauces. But he stood firm believing that the sauce market must evolve since by nature humans love being foodies. Without looking back, he started with this Prime venture with a loan amount of Rs one lakh sanctioned under the PMRY scheme although his father was instrumental behind all innovative ideas.

Since then, Prime Sauce has gone producing the best of products. The parent company- Prime Agro Food Processing Pvt Ltd churns out a wide bouquet of four hundred products ranging from Sauces to spices products with an annual turnover close to Rs 80 crore which they have achieved in an astonishingly short time span besides providing employment to over 300 people. 

When asked by The Interview Times, Sandip Guha Roy replied with a smiley face it’s about perseverance- nothing else. He narrated it in a different taste as his friends say him he was not technically savvy still he manages to get the targets of selling. That doesn’t mean he is not gaining knowledge about digital platforms to expand sales of Prime Agro products but he sticks to being in business day in and day out prior to that quality of products leap you a jump at a top level.

Nowadays, he hires all professionals for R&D for producing the best competitive products which has been inconveniently a burden for the Nation player in this business. Probably it is unrivaled in Odisha till today because of its advanced technology and innovation. 

He chills out beyond Prime Brand of Sauces in being a fitness freak. He opines he never misses visiting the gym and sweating out in workouts. He thanks God for the support he gets from his family around the way.

His set of principles of entrepreneurship is that in Odisha if anyone wants to do any kind of Entrepreneurship he can do it with ease irrespective of the government’s affiliation as its culture and beliefs moulded with creativity makes the destination challenging. History speaks of its justification of doing business in Kalinga that is known as the hub of business.

In comparison to those days, Ray believes that today the government is coming out to your unit to extend its helping hand and even going further by offering you affiliation in global export and financial assistance to digital platforms. Therefore what drives you as an entrepreneur is absolutely your dedication to be a better entrepreneur. That’s what I have always pursued in making me a better entrepreneur. 

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Written By Dibyajit Sahu

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