Some foods to eat for greater health, like jams and juices or raw fruits

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Even though they may have more sugar added to make them taste better, they are undoubtedly bad for your health. On top of everything else, the beverage and sweets businesses never stop telling kids that their jams, pulps, fruit powders, and juices are packed with vitamins and nutrients. They may contain additional sugar to improve their flavour, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are unhealthy. In addition to everything else, the beverage and confectionery industries never cease informing kids how full of vitamins and nutrition their jams, pulps, fruit powders, and juices are.

While all products made from fruits and vegetables retain their goodness, the majority of the vitamins and nutrients are destroyed through processing, fortification, and addition of preservatives. In addition, some items have extra sugar and chemicals added so that their flavour is preserved and they may be stored in concentrated forms for a long period.

Fruit that is raw or whole has all of its inherent nutrients present. Because of this, every bite you eat provides you with vitamins and nutrients that are crucial for optimum health. Because they are so high in fibre, raw fruits should make up a significant component of our daily diet. Whether it’s an apple or a pineapple, the fibre in these fruits keeps you satisfied for a longer period of time and promotes regular bowel movements.Fruits require longer chewing times than other foods, therefore eating them is also excellent for your teeth. Since they don’t contain any preservatives, they are simple to digest.Despite having a sweet flavour, fruits like apples and cherries do not cause blood sugar levels to surge, so when consumed in moderation, they can help reduce the desire for sweets.

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