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Struggling Dutee forced to sell BMW for training

Struggling Dutee forced to sell BMW for training

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By Sobhan Garnaik

Indian sprinter Dutee Chand is selling her BMW, in a bid to meet the financial needs for her training due to the global pandemic which is making her difficult to get some sponsors.

Dutee Chand said “Success comes but with time. People want to achieve things very quickly; they are not patient. When I was a kid, I dreamt of being a runner. My mother and father always told me to go after what I wanted. I went after running. And slowly and steadily, I achieved my medals and tried to break records. I won’t stop till I get my Olympic medal. That’s the ultimate goal, at least at the moment.”

The beginning of July is the midway marks of 2020, which has been an eye-opener for each of us. The worldwide emergency activated by the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way the world runs.

Sport is a microcosm in that equivalent universe, which has taken a significant blow. It was during mid-March when sporting activity came to a halt across the world, thus in India.

At a time, we see not many competitionsmostly European football leagues have seen a resumption with games being played in void arenas, yet it appears to be an elusive dream for India.

The drop in the Indian economy could totally change the game for India’s games sports system. Nonetheless, there’s no robust response to what, in particular, lies later on.

To take a gander at the master plan, while a few games may at present observe another first light, the eventual fate of different games gaze at vulnerabilities.

One such high-profile case, India’s fastest runner Dutee Chand has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic gravely, which has constrained her to put her BMW available to be purchased to help cover her training expenses. The former posted via Twitter, the photos of the car looking for imminent purchasers for it.

Notwithstanding, she later erased the post. Dutee owns a 2015 BMW 3-series model, which she had purchased for Rs 30 lakh. After receiving a reward from the Odisha government after her exploits in the Asian Games, the athlete had purchased the car, where she won silver medals in the 100m and 200m events in Jakarta in 2018.

“No sponsor is willing to spend on me due to this pandemic. I am in the need of money and so have decided to sell it off to meet my training and diet expenses as I’m preparing for the Tokyo Olympic, which has been shifted to July 11, 2021, due to Covid-19 Outbreak. Even (State) Government people are saying they are going through a financial crunch,” Dutee Chand was quoted as saying by India Today.

Dutee doesn’t train as per the athletics federation of India (AFI) rules and guidelines and subsequently has no help from the AFI. She prepares under the aegis of the state government and KIIT university as support yet. Still, all the money from sponsors had been spent keeping in mind the Olympics’ earlier dates, July 23, 2020.

“I bought it after I received a cash reward of Rs 3 crore from Orissa CM Naveen Pattnaik for my achievement in Asian Games, on that money, I built my house and purchased the BMW Car.”

Dutee, as of late, broke her own national record at the National Open Athletics in Ranchi in October 2019 as she bettered her own national 100m record. The runner clocked 11.22 seconds in the first semi-finals, bettering her record of 11.26 seconds.

The Government had additionally granted Rs 50 lakh for her preparation for Tokyo Olympics. She stated, she spends around Rs 5 lakh a month on her preparation, which incorporates salaries of coach, physiotherapists, dietician, and different purposes.

“I exhausted all my money. It is now difficult to get sponsors due to the Covid-19 pandemic for my training for the Tokyo Olympics which has been shifted to July 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak. I need money for my fitness expenses and training in Germany, I decided to sell my luxury car,” added Dutee Chand.

In Olympic sports, each international federation receives money from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), depending on their audience and size. With the postponement of the Olympics, the IOC is likely to freeze these payments. This, in turn, is set to affect the ecosystem of several sports in India.

Uncertainty over Olympic qualification hangs upon Indian sportsperson. From archers to table tennis players and boxers, who all were waiting to improve their show and sail to the Olympics at the qualifiers, they now remain unsure about the prospects and stay in shape remains their sole focus.

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  1. It is really unfortunate for all Odia that Olympian Dutee Chand is going to sell her lucky car due to financial crises. State Govt. must consider regarding the same. Enlightening, informative and high standard article by Sobhan. Good luck..


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