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Peta India expose reveals torture to animals

Peta India exposé reveals torture to animals

A new Peta India exposes into the cashmere industry in China and Mongolia reveals extreme cruelty to cashmere goats by the world’s top exporters.

There has been a video upload in YouTube where the goats have been screaming in pain while workers tear their skin out. After the cruelty faced, they are slaughtered in the warehouse and are left to die in affliction. 

Peta Asia’s eyewitness saw workers hold down the goat by twisting their arm and use a sharp metal comb to tear out their hair. 

Long after that, the goats are killed by striking with a hammer and are not given any veterinary care. Goats soon after being torn apart received no veterinary care or first aid. 

After no longer being profitable, the goats are hit with a hammer to stun them and slit their throats. One goat produces, on average, only 240 grams of hair per year. This is so little that in order to produce just one cashmere jacket, the hair of six goats is required.

“Cashmere also has the most destructive environmental impact of any animal-derived fibre – roughly 100 times as destructive as that of wool! Because cashmere goats must consume 10 per cent of their body weight in food each day and they eat the roots of grasses, which prevents regrowth, the industry is a significant contributor to soil degradation followed by desertification. Already, 65 per cent of Mongolia’s grasslands are degraded, and 90 per cent of Mongolia is in danger of desertification, which has led to some of the world’s worst dust storms on record and air pollution dense enough to reach North America.” Peta Asia said.

China has no penalties for abusing animals on cashmere farms, and the situation in Mongolia appears to be much the same. The best way to help these goats is to refuse to support this cruel industry – by never buying anything made of cashmere. Cashmere has been a rampant trade in the industry.

Article Written By Ompriya Sahoo

Image Source: Google

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