Two passengers found with Cigarettes worth 8 Lakh and arrested


Two Thai AirAsia passengers were detained at the airport in Bengaluru for possessing 48,000 cigarettes worth Rs 8.2 lakh. Additional sources revealed that these people had taken a Thai AirAsia flight, which touched down at the airport on Monday at 10:15 p.m. from Bangkok.
The two men came at the airport with four suitcases, according to sources in Bengaluru Customs’ air intelligence branch. Customs agents searched the baggage and found cigarettes inside. Notably, the majority of these cigarettes were imported brands that couldn’t be sold inside of India without a permit.

“As they attempted to cross the Green Channel, they were detained. When we looked through their checked luggage, we found and seized 48,000 cigarette sticks worth Rs. 8.16 lakh. According to the rules provided in the Customs Act, both people have been held, said a senior customs official.


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