Viswakarma Puja – A festival celebrated with great pomp and grandeur in India


Viswakarma Puja is a Hindu festival celebrated to honor Lord Viswakarma, the divine architect and craftsman. It is observed by craftsmen, engineers, and artisans who worship Lord Viswakarma for their skills and creativity. On this day, people clean and decorate their workplaces, tools, and machinery, seeking blessings for success and prosperity in their work. It is a day to acknowledge and appreciate the importance of craftsmanship and the contributions of skilled individuals in various fields

Vishwakarma Puja preparations typically get underway a few days beforehand. People keep their workplaces, factories, and equipment clean and attractive. Lord Vishwakarma idols and images are cleansed and decorated with flowers. A priest or a professional craftsperson performs the ceremonies on the day of the puja. Vedic hymns are chanted to begin the day, followed by the giving of flowers and fruits. On this day, craftspeople frequently display their craftsmanship by showcasing their most recent inventions or masterpieces. It serves as a platform to recognise and celebrate the talents and creativity of people working in a variety of sectors.



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